ROAD TO 2021: Buhanda Family ‘Lock horns’ over Jemimah Tumwijuukye LC 5 Candidature

Mzee Erimonsi Buhanda

Sheema – War has erupted in the family of Mzee Erimonsi Buhanda and wife Jemimah Tumwijuukye Buhanda the Sheema district LC 5 Contestant over who is who in the family.

The Buhanda family who hails from Kyabandaara ward, Sheema municipality is torn is torn-apart over wife’s declaration to participate in the 2020/2021 general election.

According to Buhanda, his wife Jemimah Tumwijuukye Buhanda  who is the former deputy speaker Bushenyi district is too irresponsible, aged and unhealthy to run on the LC 5 seat for Sheema district but  instead, she should be mentoring young people who are coming to join politics.

“She has got all opportunities in politics because she spent many years in politics, we have already educated our children whereby out of 6, four of them heads big government offices in and outside Sheema,” Buhanda charged.

“Our grandchildren have also started working for the government; so what is she looking for ?” Buhanda asked. 

Buhanda further accused his wife of being too old to go back into politics saying that when she drives a long distance she returns crying over paining legs.

“Now I ask myself what does she want in politics?, Others will vote for her but me, I can’t” said a bitter Buhanda.

He added that he called a family meeting and her children asked her to step down but she declined.

Mr Buhanda has since banned all political meetings and gatherings from their house until what he labelled as ‘Jemimah learns discipline” and the shrewd Jemimah has since opened an office in Kabwohe town. 

Buhanda persistently asserted that his wife can’t manage the district at her 61 years of  age, claiming that the position is above her adding that she is already lazy to an extent of failing to cater for her family.

“I usually tell her that she should use her political experience to support eligible leaders and win elections, as Sheema district we haven’t yet reached at a lower level of being led by an aged woman like my wife, this can’t be accepted in a model district like Sheema,” said  Buhanda.

However, when contacted the no-nonsense Jemimah Tumwijuukye said that she is no longer local and now thinks international and trashed all the cries revealing it meant nothing when it comes to her political ambitions.

“Family can’t disrupt my political ambitions.  I’m above that. Am now international. They can do as they please; whether to support me or not,” said Tumwijuukye.

She said that it is her big opportunity to face-off with male-dominated aspiration and she can’t be disrupted by a mere family with her husband. 

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