Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs launches Campaign for Maracha Woman MP Rose Ayaka Atima

Parliamentary Committee of Foreign Affairs Chairperson, Hon.Hood Katuramu Launches Campaign for Maracha Woman MP. Ayaka Rose Atima

Maracha – For those still waiting for the opening whistle to sound, know that others have kicked up political campaigns not only for party primaries but also for general polls and Maracha Woman MP. Ayaka Rose Atima is one of the first starters.

A team of twelve Members of Parliament on Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by Hon. Hood Katuramu are already canvassing votes for their colleague to return to the August House hence to the committee.

On Friday, June 26, before ending speaking on their visit, Hon. Katuramu turned to lobbying for votes so that his colleague retains her Parliamentary seat and the committee membership in the next Parliament.

“Now the last thing is a very big request, we are making to the people of Maracha. Hon. Rose is a member of the committee that I chair. She is a very valuable person to the nation. She has contributed a lot, not only to the committee but also to the whole Parliament and she is highly respected woman. So, we as a Parliamentary Committee of Foreign Affairs, we are requesting you, please, return our member to the Parliament and therefore, to the committee” Hon. Katuramu begs the people of Maracha district.

Mbale Woman MP. Hon Connie Galiwango equally turned the opportunity to bid bye to the people of Maracha to woo votes from them for her counterpart.

Kole District Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Judith Alyek assures Maracha District that all the issues the DLC 5 raised to the committee were already presented to the August House by Hon. Ayaka Rose Atima, indicating, she is a good representative of the people.

Members of Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs on border tour in West Nile region

“You people of Maracha are lucky to have an MP who always speaks on the floor of Parliament” Hon. Judith stresses.

She reminds the people of Maracha retain their female legislators as some of them are confident to return to Parliament.

“Some of us are sure deal of coming back to Parliament. So, we are asking you, the people of Maracha to bring back Hon. Rose to Parliament” she pleads, like her other colleagues.

Moroto Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon. Angella Fred spiced up the campaign by summarising, Hon. Judith’s statement of being “sure deal”in his mother tongue, Karamojong language as ” kiboye”, sending the gathering into rib cracking laughter.

Meanwhile, Bukonjo West Member of Parliament, Hon. Ikens Katushabe increased the momentum by his American accent, making work difficult for the translator.

Each other Members of the committee that, include Hon Akurut Violet Adome, MP Katakwi District and vice chairperson, Hon Haji Latif Ssebagala,MP Kawempe North, Hon Masika Apollo MP Bubulo East, Hon Hashim Sulaiman, MP Nebbi Municipality and Butebo county MP. Hon Oduchu Fred, took turns in lobbying for the second term to Parliament for their dear colleague.

The committee concluded their campaign with contribution of Ugx. 500,000 to a new women SACCO formed by Hon Ayaka in Oluffee Sub county. The SACCO aims at helping the woman have access to cheap revolving funds to enable them take care of their home needs.

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However, the key objective of the committee’s trip to West Nile region and to Osidribiku, according to Hon. Hood, Member of Parliament representing People with disabilities, was to ensure promotion of good neighborliness with Democratic Republic of Congo.

” Last year, HE President Tsekedi of DRC paid state visit to Uganda with a big delegation of Minsters to hold meetings with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Many of the issues of understanding were reached on but Parliament felt the people living along the borders are normally not involved when we are trying to bring peace with our neighbors” the committee chairperson explains.

He cites challenges brought by artificial boundaries that splits same communities, bringing rift across the border as an issue that calls to be addressed.

” The artificial boundaries were created by the colonialists which divided our people physically but they could not divide the souls of our people because many of you have relatives across the border” he adds.

Members of the Ugandan Foreign Affairs Parliamentary committee had intended to meet their counterparts of DR Congo, to discuss on issues agreed by the heads of the states in pursuance of peace, had there not been the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have completed discussions with the governor of Trans-nzia and Busia province in Kenya, we have discussed with local leaders bordering Rwanda and recently, we went to Bwera in Mpondwe” Hon. Hood lists areas where the committee travels.

Hon Ayaka Rose Atima, Maracha district LC 5 chairperson, Adiga Lawrence Ozubia and Oluffee LC 3 chairperson, E’yotre Pontius Adebo highlighted challenges of the border community which include mistreatment of Ugandans when they cross to Congo, arrests and torture, lack of gazetted entry point for trade, border road of 38.6km which needs to be taken over by central government, school children who cross the border for studies and shared health services with relatives across, as well as inter border religious connections.

The committee also paid a courtesy visit to Hon Alex Onzima at his home in Oluvu, where they paid respect for his fallen mother Roza Muna who died at 99 years of age,and a strong advocate for education and equal opportunities for all children.

The committee later had an interface with Arua district leadership and visited Vurra border custom to asses the relationship between the two communities in DRC and Uganda.

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