Locals vow to expose COVID-19 Taskforce officials selling relief food in Bushenyi

Bushenyi RDC and the head of the task force Jolly Tibemanya

Bushenyi – All is no well with the Bushenyi district COVID-19 taskforce after being accused by locals of selling relief food to residents who are supposed to get it at no cost.

The task force, led by the Bushenyi district RDC Jolly Tibamanyi, haS been accused by local residents of not doing enough after receiving over 60 tons of food for distribution to people whose livelihoods were disrupted by measures to control the spread of coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

According to the locals some leaders are also involved in these dubious activities in the district.

The local residents in cell A and B both found Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality said that instead of getting the food at no cost, many of them are forced to pay for it.

Other areas that are affected by this developments are Kyamuhunga sub-county and most of the parts in Bushenyi-Ishaka municipality.

When contacted Joan Tumwebaze, the vice-chairman of Cell B said that she bought two bags of maize flour at 10,000 Shillings, containing 5 kg each even when the bags were branded with particulars of Hajji Bassajjabalaba the Bushenyi district NRM chairperson.

The locals further accused the leaders of their failure to use proper avenues to distribute maize flour to the needy families within the district.

Aidah Tugabirwe, a resident of cell A in Ishaka says that she recently bought 15 kilograms of maize flour at UGX7,000 and 5 kilograms of beans at UGX4,000.

She said that she has never received any free distributed food.

Irene Ayebazibwe, a saloon owner in Ishaka park said that the process of distributing relief food is not well aligned.

Kellen Atuhaire, the Chairperson of Ishaka saloon owners said that those distributing relief food have not considered saloon owners who are badly off and need consideration.

However when contacted the Bushenyi district COVID-19 taskforce chairperson Jolly Tibemanya denied allegations saying as the task force they distribute all the food they get.

He said that the selling relief food is a crime claiming that in the distribution of these items local council chairpersons are involving local politics.

“I have no idea that people are selling this food relief but I think these local leaders are involving local politics,” said Tibamanya.

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