Jilted-lover turned gunman shot after killing motorcyclist, wife

Pte Robert Miyaga flees the scene after pulling the trigger on Edward Musaasizi and Jacqueline Asasira.

MASAKA – A soldier attached to UPDF who shot dead a boda boda rider and a pregnant woman in Masaka Town has also been gunned down.

The incident happened at about 1.15 pm along Elgon Street in Masaka Municipality when Pte Robert Miyaga pulled the trigger on Edward Musaasizi and Jacqueline Asasira.

The ailing pregnant died shortly after being rushed to a medical facility succumbing to the gun-shot

CCTV footage of the Shooting incident

Ms Maurine Namubiru, a witness, said the suspect opened fire and after killing the man, he fled the scene while shooting in the air to scare away people from chasing him.

However, witnesses said that the ex-soldier suspected that the duo was having an affair.

According to police, Miyaga believed his wife Asasira had an affair with Musasizi and trailed the two today in Masaka town where Asasira had come for medical treatment at Byansi clinic being ridden on Motorcycle UDU 629K by her purported lover.

According to Police, An AK 47 rifle UPDF 49032724 with 26 rounds of ammunition was recovered from the body of Mugaya. Three bullet casings were also recovered from Plot 9 Elgin street.

However, a security expert (names withheld) questions ordeal after the shooting given the former soldier was found with 26 rounds of ammunition and creating a discrepancy on which bullets were shot in the air to disperse the crowds

“An Ak47 magazine contains 30 rounds of ammunition and three casing found on the scene. How do we account for the shots fired to disperse those trailing him (soldier),” security expert asserts.

All the three bodies are at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital mortuary for post mortem

However, he was later intercepted and put out of action by UPDF soldiers.

UPDF Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire confirmed the incident and affirmed that a press statement would be issued to that effect.

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