Lands Ministry moves to reopen Zonal Offices under strict guidelines

Uganda’s Lands Minister, Hon. Hon. Beti Kamya-Turwomwe,

Kampala – The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has kick-started a review of its Standing Operating Procedure (SoPs) to reopen its public offices across the country.

In a letter issued on Wednesday, May 20, Ministry referred to the gradual ease of the lockdown steaming from President Museveni’s national addresses of the May 18 and 19 highlight the resumption of private and public transport with some sectors going fully-operational.

The Lands Ministry denoted President Museveni’s guidance to gradually ease the lockdown whilst awaiting further guidance from the Ministry of Public Service regarding the reopening public office.

Under the stewardship of Hon. Beti Kamya-Turwomwe, the Ministry has unveiled designated guidelines in reopening.

“All department, Projects, Ministry Zonal Offices (MZOs), should arrange to return to work with a lean and essential staff effective May 26, 2020.,” read part of the letter circulated to Land Ministry’s Assistant Commissioners and Project Coordinators, stakeholders in Lands, Housing & Urban Development Sector (LHUDS), among others.

The Ministry affirmed that only required staff were to resume; to include Heads of Department (HODS), Assistant Commissioners, Principal Officers and basic support staff.

With Ministry Zonal Offices set to open May 26, the Lands Ministry asserted that COVID-19 preventive measures were to be adopted immediately – without fail.

“HODs and MZO Heads must ensure social distancing and sanitizing/hygiene measures are taken within the workplace,” the Minister sustained.

The fate of other officers fails on being called up on to report for work as and when required.

The MInstry spelt-out the management would continue to issue guidelines and instructions concerning its operations from time to time

Kampala – Uganda’s Ministry of Health has, on Wednesday, May 20, announced 10 new cases of the deadly novel coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health revealed that of the 10 new cases, 9 were Ugandan truck drivers whilst 1 case was a contact to a previously confirmed truck driver.

Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng

Under the stewardship of Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the ministry revealed it evoked the Presidential directive on foreign COVID-19 cases in Uganda,

This led up to the deletion of all other nationalities from the national COVID-19 tally dropping the number of Uganda’s infections down to 145.

“Following a Presidential Directive of deducting all foreign truck drivers from Uganda’s case count, the confirmed COVID-19 cases now stand at 145,” Dr Aceng.

President Museveni directed the Ministry of Health to immediately stop capturing any COVID-19 foreigners including truck drivers as Uganda’s confirmed cases.

The Ministry disclosed that 11 foreign truck drivers were handed over to their respective countries of origin with number of repatriations – subsequent to the presidential directive – rising to 124

A sigh of relief was reflected when all the 222 community samples tested returning negative.

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