KK Coach Terminates Workers’ contracts as COVID-19 takes toll on Transport Sector

Kampala – Management of KK-COACHES limited has terminated contracts of some staff without benefits.

The traumatizing termination letter dated 28th May 2020 written by the company’s human resource manager, Ms. Hellen .N. Mwambu, is titled “Notification of employment contract termination”.

According to Ms. Mwambu, the decision to terminate contracts of some staff was taken by senior company managers in a meeting convened on May 28.

“Following the senior management meeting held on Thursday 28th May, 2020, at Umoja House, Nakasero road, it was ruled that the economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic has affected many companies and KK Coaches limited has not been spared. It was therefore resolved that, given the prevailing high cost of running business comprised of an old fleet of buses and the further extension of lockdown countrywide that has resulted into absence of generation of income, a decision was taken to restructure the staffing level of the company by downsizing” Ms. Mwambu explains.

“Owing to the above, unfortunately, I would like to inform you that your employment with KK Coaches limited has been terminated effective 31st March 2020. You are therefore requested to handover all company property in your possession and make a detailed hand over report to your supervisor. Your terminal dues will be availed in due cause after the business opens up” the heart throbbing letter reads in part.

Besides pushing the unfortunate staff down to the Oblivion, the human resource manager painstakingly thanks those met by fate.

She appreciates the laid off employees for persevering the tormenting situation created by COVID-19 pandemic.

“On behalf of Kk Coaches limited, I take this opportunity to thank you for your service to the company and hope you are well and safe. I thanks you for cooperating with the measures that were taken to deal with the social economic situations presented by COVID-19 pandemic, a situation that led to closure if business on 26th March 2020” she notes.
Though cash stripped, Ms. Mwambu wishes her former employees to fair well and get a better future.

“On behalf of coaches limited fraternity,I wish to thank you once again for your contribution towards the transportation service in Uganda and wish you best in your future endeavors” the HR states blatantly.

Red Pepper digital could not get more information about the number of KK Coaches limited employees were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic economic crutch.

However, a Psychiatrist, pitting the situation of the employees terminated with giving their benefits promptly, intimates to Red Pepper digital that it might trigger suicide, among those whose jobs have been terminated.

“Both loss of a job and being broke are two Psychological situations that have diverse impacts on a person, hence when not adequately managed, is likely to drive the affected person to commit suicide or murder” the Psychiatrist threatens.

According to the Psychiatrist, in a less severe scenario, the affected person(s) run mad or encounter other health problems as a result of stress under trauma if they do not receive any counselling services.

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