It is VOLUNTARY! Government clears air on UGX10,000 COVID-19 contribution

Emmanuel Katongole, Chairperson of the COVID-19 Fund Secretariat

Kampala – Government has, on Monday, May 18, clarified its appeal to the public to contribute UGX10,000 to expedite its efforts to fight against the novel coronavirus in Uganda.

This follows sentiments expressed by a section of formal workers on Sunday who took to social media to air their dislike after the National Response Covid-19 Fund made an appeal seeking a donation of UGX10,000 each, to complement government’s efforts in the fight against coronavirus.

“We are appealing to 1.5 million formally employed workers, through their CEOs to donate about UGX10,000 each for the months of May and June and we hope that the company can match that 10,000 donations from each of his employees,” Mr Patrick Mweheire, the chairman Fundraising Subcommittee National Response Fund said in an interview with Daily Monitor last week

We think that could raise us about UGX30 billion. The UGX15 billion could come directly from the 1.5 million employees and if the companies were so gracious enough to match, that would get us another UGX15 billion to get to UGX30 billion,” said Mr Mweheire.

In a statement issued by the National Taskforce, Emmanuel Katongole, Chairperson of the COVID-19 Fund Secretariat, revealed the contribution is entirely voluntary as a section of Business owners of designated firms were contacted on the matter.

Mr Patrick Mweheire, the chairman Fundraising Subcommittee COVID-19 National Response Fund

“The COVID-19 Fund appeal made to selected Chief Executives for a contribution of UGX. 10,000 by their employees, has raised concern. The COVID-19 Fund clarifies that this contribution is purely voluntary,” Chairperson Katongole clarifies.

“On April 21, 2020, the COVID-19 Fund engaged selected business leaders in a webinar at the Ministry of Health. The Fund presented the fundraising strategy and proposed to them that they could help mobilize their employees to contribute UGX10,000 each and that the businesses could consider a top-up,” said Katongole.

Katongole disclosed that the COVID-19 Fund stressed that this contribution was purely voluntary and no single employee would be forced to contribute.

“Furthermore, the contribution is voluntary both to individuals and to companies and indeed we have seen several employees unsolicited, contributing to the Fund,” Katongole clarifies in Statement.

The COVID-19 fund revealed that they engaged a section of Chief Executives on the appeal for a voluntary UGX10,000 through a May 12 letter spelling out the contribution

“Thereafter, on 12th May 2020, the Fund sent out a letter to selected Chief Executives spelling out the appeal. In the press release of Sunday 3rd May, the Chairman of the COVID-19 Fund, called upon several categories including Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, government employees, the private sector and those in the Diaspora to contribute to the cause. As a result, we have received a positive response from several of these categories and we thank them,” Katongole reveals.

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