INSIDE STORY: OPM Relief Donation Sparks Political Brawl in Maracha

Hon. Ayaka Rose Atima witnessing offloading of OPM donated Relief items at Kijomoro sub-county headquarters in Maracha district.

Maracha – A heated political backstabbing has ensued over a recent relief aid to over 400 survivors of evil spirit inferno in Maracha district.

Most point of contention is, who among the political clots of the district, plugged-in, to ease the process of releasing the items to the beneficiaries.

During a recent handing over of the items that included 3000kgs of maize flour, 1500kgs of beans and 250 pieces of tarpaulins, Maracha district Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Ayaka Rose Atima revealed that it was through her ruling NRM party connections that made it possible for the Relief and Disaster Preparedness ministry to consider the plight of her voters.

She eventually vowed before the disparate fire victims, as if to magnetize them to her political ideology, never to quit the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

However, the mentions of the Woman member of Parliament, rubs the district “Governor” the wrong way hence Adiga Lawrence Ozubia pulls trigger.

Talking to a blogger, an article now circulating in social WHATSAPP platform, the district Chairperson equates Hon. Ayaka remarks to “cheap politics”.

“According to Adiga, it was the area MP. Denis Oguzu Lee who called him and the CAO to work on the data of the affected fire victims where CAO instructed the sub accountant chief of Kijomoro to comply the list of those affected by the wild fire disaster.

He said after complying the list CAO then wrote to OPM for a humanitarian assistant,” the article reads in part.

The district chairperson presses a button of lethal political arsenal at the last paragraph of the article.

“It is therefore a total lair and cheap politics for one to claim that she brought those humanitarian assistants to the fire victims of Rikabu village herself”, Adiga is quoted as saying.

The rift over OPM relief donation to mysterious fire victims, obviously exposes a heating magma that might have been boiling between the two political leaders, for years undetected.

Maracha district LC 5 chairperson, Adiga Lawrence Ozubia, pick a beef with Woman MP. Ayaka Rose Atima over OPM relief donation to victims of mysterious fire inferno in Rikabu village, Robu Parish, Kijomoro Sub County in Maracha district.

In the political podium of Maracha district, the LC 5 chairperson came to office on an independent ticket and if COVID-19 pandemic ends, he is pondering to contest, still on the same ticket, as a Member of Parliament for Maracha East constituency, a position currently in the hands of Hon. Acidri James.

But the OPM relief that opens Pandora’s box, also drags in Hon. Denis Oguzu Lee of Maracha constituency, as cadres of the political divide, take up the battle.

An ardent ruling NRM party cadre, Mr. Richard, instead of simple social media post to deflect the political missile against Hon. Ayaka, issues a massive dosser, titled, “political lies; give credit where due” which could only be equated to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.


In mid-April of 2020, fire gutted households in Rikabu village, Robu Parish in Kijomoro Sub-county in Maracha District, and destroyed property worth millions, disrupting livelihoods’ of hundreds of people amidst the coronavirus lockdown that has been implemented to curb the surge or community infections of the virus.

Hon Ayaka Rose Atima, Woman MP for Maracha District, wrote to Minister of Disaster Preparedness in the Office of the Prime Minister on 16th of April, about the plight of the affected people and the expressed the need for urgent relief support for the victims of the wildfire, following a subsequent telephone conversation with the minister and attached an assessment damage report made by the committee by the Chief Administrative Officer of Maracha, as mandated by law.

It was received on 17th April by the minister, copied to the RDC, CM LCV, CAO, Sub-county chairperson and chief of Kijomoro.

On 29th April, the Rt Hon Gen Moses Ali, first deputy prime minister wrote to Hon Musa Ecweru, state minister for relief, disaster preparedness and refugees about the relief items for the fire victims in Maracha attached were the letters from Hon Ayaka Rose, Woman MP and the assessment report, it was received on 30th April.

A letter from the First deputy Prime minister Gen. Moses Ali.

On 18th the office of the permanent secretary in the office of the Prime Minister wrote to the CAO of Maracha District signed by Ms Rose Nakabugo informing him the delivery of relief food and non-food items which included 3000kgs of maize flour, 1500kgs of beans, 100 pcs of blankets and 50 bundles of tarpaulins as per the letters from Rt Hon Gen Moses Ali and Hon Ayaka Rose, it expressly ordered the CAO to account for the items within 2 weeks of delivery as an accounting officer of government.

Maracha district Chief Administrative Officer’s letter.

Fast Forward

Now Maracha District LC5 Chairman Mr. Adiga Lawrence Ozubia whose tenure has caused issues for CAOs for the allegedly embedded corruption in the district has again willingly twisted the facts and truth to praise non-performers and actors, who had even refused to hand over the 20m as instructed by court to the district taskforce as the heroes.

Mr Adiga facts and truth are the bottlenecks of service delivery, just go to the records from Parliament to Prime Minister’s office, and don’t allow people to discredit your abilities and capabilities to be a ‘ Governor’ as fondly call yourself.

Let’s practice politics of honesty, truth, transparency and due credibility where others have scored highly against our expectations.

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