13 Truck drivers test positive as Uganda grapples with 139 COVID-19 infections

Truck driver awaits testing at border point before dispatching. (AGENCIES PHOTO)

Kampala – Uganda has registered thirteen new cases of the novel coronavirus rising Uganda’s infections to 139 on Wednesday

Health Ministry disclosed that the 13 new cases were all truck drivers that arrived border entry points.

The newly confirmed COVID-19 cases were 7 Ugandans, 5 Kenyans and 1 Eritrean who arrived from Tanzania, South Sudan and Kenya via Mutukula, Elegu and Malaba border points.

The 13 truck-drivers’ samples tested positive out of 1,741 taken at the various border points

The Ministry revealed that the 13 new cases saw Uganda’s total infections rise to 139.

A sign of relief as community samples testing negative for the fourth day in a row with the recent 363 returning COVID-19 free on Wednesday, May 13.

The Ministry of Health disclosed that a total of 2,104 samples were tested at the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI)

In other news, Six truck drivers were discharged on Wednesday from Arua and Kabale Referal Hospitals.

Daudi Noir Abdu, a Kenyan truck driver was last month intercepted at Cyanika border post, shares a pictorial moment with Healthcare personnel after discharge

In Arua, State Minister of Health in charge of Primary Health Care, Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu has declared the five coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases that have been undergoing treatment at Arua regional referral hospital negative.

The five cases, all Tanzanian truck drivers were received at the hospital after testing positive of COVID-19 on April 24 and 25, 2020.

At Kabale Regional Referral hospital, Daudi Noir Abdu, the Kenyan truck driver who tested positive for COVID 19 and has been under treatment at the medical facility was equally discharged after beating the deadly coronavirus

Daudi Noir Abdu was last month intercepted at Cyanika border post as he returned from Rwanda and taken to Kabale regional referral hospital after testing positive for the contagious COVID 19.

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