Tanzania holds 3-day national Prayers, religious leaders call for unity in COVID-19 fight

Dar es Salaam – The people of Tanzania, on Friday, April 17, commenced special prayers, seeking the intervention of God for the nation that has so far registered 147 cases of the COVID-19 pandemic claiming lives of 5 nationals.

Through his official Twitter account on Thursday evening, Tanzanian President John P Magufuli appealed to the people of Tanzania to dedicate three days, starting April 17 – 19, to pray to God to rescue the nation from the deadly coronavirus across all beliefs.

“My fellow Tanzanians, due to the presence of Coronavirus, I ask that we spend three days from 17-19 April (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to pray to God who is the master of everything to rescue us from this disaster, let us pray according to our beliefs,” read the Tweet of President Magufuli.

Led by religious leaders, Tanzanians yesterday began holding special prayers, asking the almighty God to heal the nation from the world ravaging COVID-19 pandemic that has so far claimed the lives of five people and infected 147 others.

The Arch Bishop of the Glory of Christ Tanzania Church (GCTC) Dr Josephat Gwajima, Rev. Dr Eliona Kimaro of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT)’s Kijitonyama Parish and Dar es Salaam Sheikh, Alhad Mussa Salum were among the religious leaders who led the prayers.

In the televised national prayers Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) Rev. Kimaro delivered a powerful message and prayer from the book of Jeremiah 30:17 for the nation to be healed.

“For I will restore health into thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord, because they called thee an outcast, saying, this is Zion, whom no man seeketh after,” Rev. Kimaro read off the Bible

Bishop Gwajima said the fear of the COVID-19 in the country is greater than the virus itself, reminding Tanzanians to remain active in taking all preventive measures against the deadly coronavirus.

“As we pray, it’s crucial that all members of the country continue to follow all the guidelines by health experts; all things should go together, he said.

For his part, Mufti of Tanzania, Sheikh Abubakar Zuberi added his voice to the message delivered by Sheikh Alhadi Mussa Salum, affirming that prayers and a strong belief in God are the key weapons for winning whatever battle.

As other religious leaders, the duo also reminded Tanzanians and worshipers to ensure they maintain social distancing in churches and mosques as well as taking all other preventive measures.

Dr Magufuli’s Tweet got a positive response from his followers as most of them supported the idea, saying they would definitely do what the Head of State had proposed.

Among them were Mr Godbless Lema the Member of Parliament (CHADEMA) for Arusha Urban Constituency and Mr Wiliam Ngeleja the Sengerema MP on the CCM ticket.

Mr Lema said he would fast for the same purpose, while Mr Zitto Kabwe, who is the MP for Kigoma Urban Constituency and leader of ACT Wazalendo party, stressed the importance of avoiding mass gatherings and undertake hand washing as recommended by health experts.

Tanzanians showed solidarity taking heed of President Magufuli’s appeal for prayers that went viral on social media with majority sharing it on their accounts.

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