MP Niwagaba gifts 4 sub-counties with anti-COVID-19 money

Kabale – The Ndorwa East MP, Wilfred Niwagaba has handed over the UGX 20m he received from parliament to the administration of the four sub-counties to identify the most variable project to work on in their locale.

Wilfred Niwagaba, who is also the shadow Attorney General revealed that Each of the sub-counties of Maziba, Buhara, Kyanamira and Kaharo is to get UGX5M and the management committees will identify the most variable project to put the money on.

“Even though I was aganist parliament passing the UGX10Bn for the MPs, I can’t return the money given it will be eaten by some people in government. I decided that he takes it to the constituency and give it go the subcounty committes that have been formed to fight COVID-19 and they will plan how to use the money.

“Even though we take back the money it will be eaten so me what I saw the better way was to give it to my constituents “. Niwagaba said.

He says that the reason why he has not decided for want to use the money but gave it to the sub counth councils to decide is that not all sub counties have the same problems.

Johnson Baguma the Buhara sub county district councillor says that all the stakeholders in the sub county are to be called and they are the ones that will decide what the money will be used.

Emmanuel Twin a resident of Maziba says that the move that their MP has been good unlike other MPs he is optimistic that the leaders of the sub county will plan for it well as he asked other leaders to emulate him and bring the money down to the people for them to plan for it.

Bridget Asinga Tumwesigye the kabale district Vice chairperson and the Kyanamira sub county woman councilor says that as the constituency of Ndorwa east they have big problems mostly in health centres saying that she is optimistic that the money is to be used in the priority ventures of sub counties.

The UGX20m was given to the members of parliament to go in their constituencies to mobilise aganist the Coronovirus which has caused an uproar among the local population who are accusing tne MPs of being greedy and selfseekers who mind much about themselves when people are starving.

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