Meet Kenya’s ‘Tik-Tok’ Queen Azzaid Nasenya who won’t let Ugandan babes rest!

Nairobi – Kati, is yowa (read your) man taking bathroom breaks with his phone more often than usual in this unusual Quarantine period? Owhh Yeah?? Hahaha .. Azzaid just got him hooked!

Meet the gorgeous 19-year-old Azziad Nasenya that has had yowa mans scouting about online platforms and social media for a taste of her Kenyan charm

‘Tik-Tok Queen Azziad Nasenya

Speaking exclusively to Kenya’s KTN’s Brian Aseli, the Tik-Tok queen who trended after videos of her jamming to Femi One’s new hit Utawezana featuring rapper Mejja alias Okwonkwo and Femi One went viral, revealed that trolls at first got to her.

This prompted more and more people to come up with their own versions of the video. Her Instagram account blew up in flames to over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

In the video, you can notice her infectious smile, her uniquely coloured hair and her very flexible waist, leave alone her almost non- existent tummy. Her pertinent acting skills also came out to play with her facial expressions keeping you hooked in!

“I read the comments, it got to me and I felt very bad about it but I came to realise that for someone to body shame or feel the need to insult you, they are lower than you, mwenye anajua hawezi fika penye uko,” she said.

The media student at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication added that she has come to terms with the fact that not everyone will love or hate her and has learnt to balance it out.

Hailing from Western Kenya and Luhya by tribe, Nasenya attended Misikhu Girls High School for her secondary education and currently a second year
currently pursuing Broadcast Journalism at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

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