Kisoro not equipped for COVID-19 fight! District Task Force ask Gov’t to intervene

By Moses Agaba

Kisoro – The Kisoro District Coronavirus Task Force Committee, on Wednesday, April 8 disclosed that the district is ill-prepared and unequipped for the COVID-19.

These remarks were revealed during In a meeting that was held by the Task Force at the district hall chaired by the RDC Capt. Peter Mugisha
Kisoro borders Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo that have registered several cases of the deadly coronavirus over the past two months.

With several suspected cases of COVID-19 Looming across borders, the Kisoro hospital administration has decried their incapacity to handle any cases even after identifying an isolation ward which remains nonfunctional.

“Kisoro Hospital is not prepared to handle COVID-19 cases if any are discovered in the district. Although we have already designated a place for the isolation but it needs a lot of things like fencing it off and COVID-19 protective gear, masks, etc.,” said Dr Micheal Baganizi, the Hospital Superintendent.

Dr. Baganizi disclosed the isolation ward it lacks the requirements for handling cases of COVID-19 in addition to the 16 beds that don’t have mattresses and

“Even the six gas cylinders Kisoro Hospital has, of the required 16, were taken by the Ministry of Health to Kampala for refilling and never brought back. The Health workers lack protective gear and masks and many might be forced to flee in case there is a break-out,” Dr. Baganizi added.

Dr Stephen Nsenbyiunva, the Kisoro District Director of Health Services affirmed that district had submitted the Hospital’s budget that is yet to be approved.

“We have already submitted their UX600M budget to the Ministry of Health that is yet to reply. The Health department is constrained and does not even have fuel to use in monitoring and doing their job,” Dr Nsenbyiunva echoed.

Abel Bizimana, the Kisoro LCV boss blasted the Police for impounding vehicles of health workers even after they were cleared by the RDC.

“The DPC is trying to be disrespectful to the RDC who is the heads Security and also doubles as Chair of the district COVID-19 task force. Impounding health workers’ vehicles is uncalled off,” Bizimana lashed-out.

Bizimana also asked the security team to grant health workers special considerations to move during curfew hours given that they will be attending to emergencies.

RDC Capt. Peter Mugisha equally added a voice on the deliberations of the district leaders cautioning those people who have the habit of crossing to and from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda – as the borders were shut – would be shot.

“There is no one is supposed to cross the border they will shoot you my boys are there you cross to Uganda they will shoot you, order ya jeshi ni Mooja. if it is time for curfew no one should move, an if you act otherwise, the soldiers are ready to take action,” said Capt. Mugisha.

The Bufumbira North Member of Parliament, John Kamara urged government to deploy at all porous borders, citing it was where people from Congo were entering into Uganda.

“The security officials need to keep monitoring the army they have deployed at the porous borders and why some people have managed to cross over,” Kamara castigated.

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