Kabale District taskforce bans truck-stops, calls for vigilance in COVID-19 wake

Kabale – District taskforce for COVID-19 has banned stopovers of all cargo truck drivers in the district as one way of stopping the spread of covid19.

The municipality is a transit route for long-distance and haulage trucks including fuel tanks en route to Rwanda and democratic republic of congo.

Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha the Kabale Municipality Mayor, disclosed that more than 30 trucks park in his town during the day and night while in transit to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo saying that when the truck drivers make stopovers in Kabale town.

“The truckdrivers interact with people in Kabale, sleep in hotels, walk into markets while others engage themselves into sexual matters with the Kabale sex workers which may pose a threat of contracting Covid-19 with the increasing cases of truck drivers testing positive to COVID-19, they don’t want to take risks,” Byamugisha said.

He further revealed that it was risky since more drivers are testing positive to coronavirus. So, it is better to prevent this before the situation gets out of hand”, Byamugisha said.

Darious Nandinda the Kabale District RDC who is also the head of the district task force says that they have banned the trucks because Kabale town is not among the designated towns where they have to make stopovers.

“We are going to deploy security in Kabale town to make sure that all trucks are not allowed to park in town,” Nandinda cautioned.

Kisoro district COVID-19 taskforce recently also banned all long-distance truck from making stopovers in Kisoro town, as one of the measures to control the spread of coronavirus disease.

Kabale and Kisoro Districts being border Districts give way to transit trucks heading to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda has registered several cases of Covid-19 from truck drivers, especially from Kenya and Tanzania.

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