No clear Legal framework! Hon. Anite snubs handing Anti-COVID-19 money to district taskforce, refunds UGX20M

Kampala – In line with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s directive to Law Makers on the UGX. 20M, Koboko Municipality MP. Hon. Evelyn Anite opts to refund the cash, calling it illegal.

“The best thing to do is to take the illegal money back to the sender and ask the sender to do what is legal with the money” Hon. Anite States in communication on social media.

Hon. Anite, on Wednesday responding to a question posed to her by an electorate from her constituency whether she has donated the money to the district COVID-19 taskforce, responded negatively, saying it wasn’t right idea.

“No, not yet and I don’t think it is a good idea to do that” she states.

The MP boasts that she already donated personal money to her voters to fight COVID-19 pandemic, in the district.

She reasons that donating the UGX20M to the district taskforce lacks the legal framework.

“I already donated to my people using my personal savings. My only problem with taking the money to the district taskforce is that it has no legal backing” Hon. Anite adds.

She seconds the President’s terming the UGX10bn to legislators illegal but then views giving it to the DTF as an escalation of illegal activity.

“My President is right to say giving the UGX20m to MPs was illegal but now donating the illegal money to DTF is making them do another illegality. No, I don’t think its right. The English people say two wrongs do not make a right” Hon. Anite expresses.

The legislator, standing her ground, insists on lack of legality in MPs receiving or taking it anywhere else than where it came from and to one who deposited it.

“We don’t have the legal framework to do that. The best thing in my view is to send the 20m back to the parliamentary commission account the account through which the money was sent to our accounts” the unmoved MP states.

Meanwhile, Maracha East constituency Member of Parliament Hon. Acidri James in response to a question on what he would do with the UGX20M directs Red Pepper to read the guidelines pertaining the money.

“Read the new guidelines” Hon. Acidri directs, saying he would follow it by returning the money.

“The money will be banked as per the guidelines” Hon. Acidri James posts to the Red Pepper.

In a diversionary tactics, the MP posted a photo of a tricycle carrying white bags and script post that reads “Statistics on above will be known. We shall meet in Arua, hopefully next week. My guys are compiling the statistics and it’s not part of Covid-19”.

Red Pepper later learnt that the white bags contain groundnut seeds, the legislator distributed to farmers in his constituency.

He says money for the seeds come from his own account.

“That’s my own money! I will provide details at an appropriate time” he expresses.

Red Pepper has established from independent sources that each village in the constituency received about 5Kg of the groundnut seeds but we could not get the mode of selecting the beneficiaries.

Hon. Acidri is known in his constituency for not awarding cash handout to the people. He tells whoever needs cash from him to generate development project and ask for funding.

Last year, Hon. Acidri parked his compound full of cow dung which some people laughed at but those in know of its importance collected to use in their farms and harvested good yield of crops.

However, other MPs like Hon. Ayaka Rose and Hon. Oguzu Denis Lee that Red Pepper contacted on the same matter did not give their views but promised to communicate later.

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