Hyena Classic Tales #10: Lifesaver

There is this woman whose name I will not mention for purposes of job security.

She came to office in a very bad mood and was practically barking at anyone who crossed her way. Last Monday, I got to the office very late. Well, I had just landed on this sugar babe called Jamil and our love had only lasted for two days. She did not want to release me that was why I got to the office late. I met this girl last Saturday at the street carnival.

She was almost naked and my whopper shot up at the mere sight of her succulent thighs. I had to offer a lot of booze and feed her on endless lies for her to accept to be my date for the night.

She spent the night at my place, so for the rest of Sunday and Monday morning we were just bonking ourselves silly. She was not in a hurry, and since I had no serious bonking appointment, I had no reason not to let her stay for another night. Our fun was interrupted by my Monday routine.

Jamil wasn’t willing to let me go. Even after two days of bonking and licking, this fool still claimed she needed more. I pleaded with her to let me go, but she cried and told me how she couldn’t spend a second without my whooper in her mouth.

“Kale switie mpa ndyeko ogusembayo,” (Sweetie let me eat for the last time), she said. I kissed her and left her standing on the doorway crying. I reported at the factory at around 10:00 am instead of the usual 8:00 am. I went straight to my immediate boss’s cubical of an office and found his wife bulging with anger. I patted her on the shoulder and asked if there is anything I could do for her.

You know, however tough a woman can be, you can melt her with a soft touch. Just showing that you care can make any woman grant you ‘kisanja’ even if you are a nobody. I expected her to push me away, but instead she rested her head on my shoulders as tears rolled down her eyes. I didn’t what exactly I should do or say, I reached for my pocket, pulled out a dirty brown hankie and handed it to her.

She narrated to me how her husband was cheating on her with a cheap woman, and she requested me to help her revenge on him. I asked her if she wanted me to way lay him and beat him senseless but she just shook her head in disagreement.

I then asked her if she wanted me to bonk the same girl with the husband, but still, she did not see any sense in that. She signalled me to lock the door behind me as she wiped her tears away. As soon as I locked the door, she sat very close to me as if I were the solution to her marital problems.

She pulled chest close to me, looked me straight in the eye and told me to do to her what her husband does to other women. I looked at her in disbelief but she sounded serious. “I want you to start now,” she ordered in anger. I tried to explain that she was my boss’s wife, but she told me she knew that. I had never thought of even kissing this fat mama, as we had nicknamed her. I looked at her as my role model, as a big sister and above everything else my boss’s wife.

You see, I had practically shafted everybody at my work place apart from fat mama and besides I did not intend to shaft her. I knelt down with all due respect, pushed her black mothers union on the side and started licking her hot bushy pot.

Her Kandahar smelt like it had just been smoked. I guessed she must have used ‘Rukomyo’ to smoke her Kandahar that morning. She then removed her blouse exposing her chapatti like boobs. I sucked them like a baby and she was groaning with pleasure, telling me how her aged husband couldn’t even suck her boobs. 

I worked my way back to her pot and tongued her. “Hyena omusala gwo ngwongezeza,” (Hyena I have increased your salary) she said. I told her that if she meant whatever she was saying, she should put it in writing.

She assured me that she would sign the papers after the game. You see, all the women I bonk give me a lot of lip service but no one has ever packed anything for me after the game. I remember, there was this babe who gave me her Samsung phone, but when I look at it she reported me to police that I had stolen her phone.

I tried to explain and no one took me serious. Since then, I never take what women offer during sex serious, because I know they are under the influence of a strong rod and will forget the game immediately the game is over. 

She narrated to me how her husband beeps her and how she has never reached her orgasm for all the 26 years she has been in her marriage. I just felt sorry for her and assured her how she had contacted the right candidate for the post.

“I knew you are hot because I have always heard the girl’s gossip about you and I am sure you will not disappoint me,” she said. I fingered her for three more minutes until she let out that slimy stuff of theirs. I am always guarded so I reached for my purse and pulled out a lifeguard studded condom and told her to roll it on my stiff rod.

I bent her for a goatee and entered her so deeply. She screamed in bewilderment and asked me to jazz her. I jazzed her to the best of my ability, “mutabani awo wenyini,” (my son you are hitting the right spot), she said.

Her Kandahar was so loose and flabby that I felt there were no strong muscles holding me inside her Kandahar. I cleared my voice and I asked her if she meant what she said about my salary increment.

“Come, come my love look at me straight in the eye and see if there is any lie, I promise I will and if you doubt me bring me that file over there,” she said pointing at the drawer. I believe chance knocks once so I didn’t waste any second. I went for the file and she immediately signed it and promised to explain the increment to her husband.

I gave her another round and assured her that I will always be at her service whenever she needed me. When she got satisfied, she gave me a hankie to clean my whopper. I walked out of her small office smelling sex. At lunchtime, she called me and took me out for a sumptuous buffet before retiring to a hotel room. In the room, I didn’t waste time for I knew what exactly she wanted. At the moment, I bonk my boss’s wife for cash and other babes for pleasure. I dedicate to her Nsonyiwa faza by Titi.

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