Nandala Mafabi transfers Anti-COVID-19 money to Health Centre

Kampala – Budadiri West Member of Parliament, Hon. Mandala Mafabi has transferred his money on 10bn given to MPs to his health centre III.

Nandala, in NBS television interview, confirmed that he sent the money given to him along with UGX 10million more to his area health centre three.

Nandala further noted that health centres need to be equipment especially in this COVID-19 dilemma.

“The advantage of COVID19 is that we have to equip our health centres. Right now, even the big people can’t travel for health purposes. I am not so sure that the money to the parliamentary commission will be transferred to the consolidated fund” he said.

Hon. Nandala also argued legislators to not only focus on the 10bn given to MPs but also the money people are donating.

” Legislators should not appropriate money in this manner. However, the focus is only on the UGX 10billion. Everyone has forgotten about how everything else is being done. The money people are donating ” he added.

Parliament quietly allocated itself Shs 10bn, from the COVID19 supplementary budget to facilitate MPs to join national activities in the fight against the pandemic.

Notably, the Civil Division of High Court stayed the release of 10BN to MPs until 29th April 2020, when the application challenging the release of funds will be heard.

However, the money was wired directly to personal bank accounts of each MP despite a High Court ruling ordering a stay of the release.

Some of the comments on social media

Twalight Abraham: I don’t see an essence to why members of parliament have to be allocated such huge sums of money yet many are dying of hunger. Some of the are too selfish and I think, others are going to dig holes and bury this money to use it for their own selfish gain…..we have a lot to misappropriate in Uganda…

Grace Nafuna: But government also why not consider equipping the Health Centers really with this money. People have donated for food already. Someone should put some sense into these people for sure.

James Wakuma Wakapenga: Look

  1. MPs have huge salaries from which they can donate to health centres and towards fighting Covid19 in general.
  2. MoH has a budget to take care equipments required at health centres (Not work of MPs)
  3. That act equates to stealing from us and pretending to be giving back to us, Wrong Act. So Ugandans think about it, MPs are robbing us in pretence.

Onyeit Nowel: I think those telling Nandala to return the money are children of the mafia waiting to feast on it, the man has returned money many times where does it end in! On the pockets of the mafia, great work hon don’t return.

Gideon Gids: Why are MPs purporting to facilitate health facilities, can’t the govt wire this money direct to those facilities ??

Syrous Baguma: Kadaga coached all her boys and girls to talk nonsense until the storm settles. They can’t even defend there own statements. They just crammed what to say.

Mugisha Robert: If you hadn’t taken the 10bn, then people wouldn’t be concentrating on it and would only be talking about the other billions govt took. By taking the 10bn bribe, you MPs helped the M7 govt create a diversion.

This is like saying, “we MPs took a small amount (10bn) so don’t focus on us, focus on the big amount that govt took.”

You cannot defend yourselves by claiming that the money you got through corruption, was used gor something good and/or something which benefits the society.

Corruption is corruption and it’s not good. Stop being corrupt!

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