Greedy! Fr. Gaetano slams MPs over UGX20M split amid COVID-19 pandemic

Rukiga – The outspoken Kitanga Parish Priest Rev.Fr Gaetano Batanyenda has condemned Parliament’s decision to deduct UGX10bn from Supplementary budget and handing it to MPs to fight Coronavirus.

On Tuesday, April 14, Parliament allocated UGX10bn from the COVID -19 supplementary budget to facilitate MPs in the committee established by the house to join national activities in the fight against the pandemic.

Fr. Batanyenda, who is also the Kigezi Inter-religious Council of Uganda, condemned the move disclosing that it exhibited how MPs were greedy and selfish.

“MPs are greedy and selfish, and do not care about the suffering of other people. The UGX20million shillings that every member of parliament took as “Coronavirus Benefit” is unjust when many Ugandans are stuck, hungry with no food to eat and no earning,” Fr. Batanyenda said.

He added: “Initially thought it was fake news of the MPs getting UGX20million each to mobilise the people but now I have realised it is true after the speaker confirmed,”

Fr. Batanyenda lashed out at Parliament, sustaining that they had turned into a bunch of thieves that continue to suck poor Ugandans in disguise and praised a few MPs came out to demonize and reject this kind of money,

“These are true pro-people MPs; they know this is the time where many Ugandans are stuck, hungry without food and not earning,” said Fr. Batanyenda.

The vocal Priest revealed that there was a huge volume of people dying with hunger as well other diseases taking lives because the access to medical facilities has been complicated by the current pandemic situation but the legislators were busy sharing the little that should have been given to the ministry of health.

Fr Batanyenda says that in other countries like Rwanda and Kenya the leaders there have there salaries been cut or else will not be paid but here in Uganda, the greedy leaders are busy sniffing the little which might turn away the donors as well other Ugandans that would have wanted to help towards the COVID 19 fight.

“This unending act of high way robbery, greed and selfishness hugely discourage donors and other Ugandans willing to offer help towards COVID-19 fight or even elsewhere in future-situations that may need donations” .said Fr.batanyenda.

He calls upon president Museveni to intervene and stop to stop this unending thuggery, selfishness and greed. 

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