Foul play! West Nile legislators label NAGRC ED Dr. Lagu arrest a ‘witch-hunt’

Kampala – West Nile Parliamentary caucus on Wednesday, April 29 appealed to president Museveni and Parliament to intervene into the arrest and witch hunt of Dr Charles Lagu, the Executive Director of National Animal Genetic Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB).

The West Nile MPs addressed a press conference at Parliament concerning the arrest of NAGRC&DB boss Dr. Lagu N by the State House Anti Corruption Unit last Saturday.

Dr. Lagu hails from West Nile district of Moyo and he is one of the few highly placed sons of the region in the country.

According to the MP, Dr. Lagu had registered a case with the Criminal Investigation of Police about a threat to his life from anonymous callers who were demanding large sums of money from him or face their wrath, if he fails to comply.

By the time of his arrest , earlier court processes against him in relation to his office where postponed owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The MPs observed that he had been kept beyond the 48 hours in police custody without being produced in court and that the circumstances surrounding his arrest and detention where highly suspicious.

Dr Lagu has been at the center of protecting government land and ranches from land enchroachers and grabbers something which earned him enemies.

During his arrest, the MPs claim, Dr. Lad had alluded to the possibility of being followed for stopping some looters from grabbing government land and property.

The Chair of the Agric Committee of Parliament and some of the committee members on Wednesday, visited him at the police detention centre and later addressed press at Parliament and said that during their oversight roles they had not found any fault with Dr Lagu’s work at NAGRC and that he had achieved a lot for the country as far as his job is concerned.

The Members of Parliament of the caucus think that Dr Lagu is just being witch hunted by the enemies of development .
We therefore asserted that whoever is witch hunting him should desist from that and he should be subjected to a fair treatment and hearing by a competent Court.

The Members said that Dr Lagu should instead be rewarded for his vigilance in protecting government property.

MPs from West Nile appeal to HE , President of the Republic of Uganda to intervene in the matter, saying Dr Lagu could be suffering for denying corrupt acquisition of government properties.

The MPs later attended the court proceedings at Makindye in the afternoon where Dr. Lagu was remanded until 5th of May 2020.


Hon Tom Aza : Dr. Charles Lagu should be given a fair Hearing instead of the witch hunt.

Hon. Jessica Ababiku : The allegations put against him are false
The only few positions we have in the Government we are fought left and Right president Museveni should intervene

Hon Jaokino: the Anti corruption unit should do its work professionally.

Hon Rose Ayaka : we are warning those Detaining Dr Lagu Charles that they are warned against the Violation of Human rights abuse and should know that one day they will also face the same

As west Nile people : we are watching the space

Hon zaitun : we are tired of the Mistreatment.

Hon. Bernard Atiku : as a chair of today am concerned by state House corruption unit of being used by Mafias

Why dont u arrest the Big fish like Gen Kahinda Otafiire why? Why ?
More details coming

Hon. Hassan Fungaroo: why not address core issues but insteady go for the Witch Hunt

Hon Janet Okori-moe Chairperson of the parliamentary Agriculture committee : this matter should be investigated further because we think there is foul play

As the parliamentary Agriculture committee we investigated these matters but I think they should be interested into knowing this report

NAGRC&DB has been one of the best performing Government entities

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