West Nile leaders laud NRM SG Kasule Lumumba for donation to COVID-19 taskforce

Arua – Though the Bible forbids the left hand to know what the right has given to a needy, this cardinal rule of gift failed to apply in West Nile.

NRM ruling party’s Secretary-General, Justine Kasule Lumumba contributed UGX2M to the taskforce to fight cOVID-19 pandemic in the region.

“A Big Thank You to the Secretary-General- NRM” confirms Counsel Caleb Alaka, chairperson of West Nile Electricity Connectivity Committee (WNECC), a group which has also formed an independent taskforce in the region.

“On behalf of the West Nile people, and the executive of WNECC, we would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you, afoyo, awadifo, iyete, shukrani, Asante to the Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba Secretary General-NRM, for not only being a true friend of West Nile but for generously contributing UGX2m out of your pocket towards our local effort of assisting the task forces of the 11 districts of West Nile in helping our vulnerable people, health centres and hospitals. You have once again demonstrated your love for us for which we are grateful. May the Almighty God protect u and bless you and your family abundantly” Counsel Alaka adds.

Under Hon. Evelyn Anite as the patron, WNECC COVID-19 taskforce has raised a total of over UGX22 Million in cash and assorted food items.

“A total cash is so far is UGX 22,340,083/” WNECC told Red Pepper in an online interview.

He says so far, around 40 people have contributed including the Secretary General of NRM and her deputy.

Among top contributors are; Mr. Asega Aliga, who gave Shs. 5M/-, Mr. Govule Odu, Shs. 5 M/-, Counsel Caleb Alaka, 2M/-, Mr. Atima Jackson, 1M/-, Hon. Anite Evelyn, 1M/- and Mr. Ashraf Moshen, 1M/-.

“Sumadhura has procured items worth UGX2M: 250kgs of posho’ 100kgs or beans’ 50 litres of cooking oil’ 50 sachets of salt’ 50kgs of sugar” Alaka listed the material contribution.

WNECC still invites well wishers to join the team in contributing for the needy.

“We call upon all the West Nilers, friends, in-laws to emulate what the sons and daughters of West Nile are doing together we shall assist our vulnerable people. We intend to assist our vulnerable people through the task forces of the 11 districts of West Nile” the chairperson says.

“The one who gives lends to the LORD and God does not fail to pay his debt” Alaka writes in one of his persuasive texts.

The group has also extended it’s resource mobilization spree to the diaspora and selected representatives to do the lobbying.

In an appeal to sons and daughters from the region, living in United Kingdoms, for funds, counsel Caleb Akaka cleared to members that Dr. Ferdinand Lali, the vice-chairperson of West Nile Association in the UK, had been selected as the coordinator for the drive.

“Dear colleagues, in my earlier communication, I did talk about Tabu Butagira being our contact person in the UK for purposes of coordinating our effort of contributing towards supporting the task forces of the 11 districts of West Nile especially in the area of support for our vulnerable people, Health Centers and hospitals in West Nile. We have ever since established that West Nile has a fully-fledged Association in the United Kingdom with the following at the Helm; Chairman: Dr Lazarus Anguvaa, Vice-Chairperson: Dr Ferdinand Lali.

We note that these two gentlemen and West Nile UK association’s executive members are best placed to coordinate members in our endeavors.
Since Dr. Ferdinand Lali is already on this forum we propose subject to the contrary as directed by the Executive of West Nile UK Association that Dr. Lali hence forth becomes the coordinator of our efforts during this fundraising drive” Counsel Alaka writes in his message.

Meanwhile, Maracha district taskforce could rate least in West Nile region, in receiving contribution from within to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Before the release of the UGX165M/- from central government to fight the pandemic, the district taskforce survived on only 20 litres fuel contribution from each of the seven sub counties and a town council, while every head department of the local government was compelled to make 50 litres of fuel contribution on top of surrendering vehicles.

Other contributions of UGX920,000, to the district taskforce, was done by a few individuals

According to the RDC, Cherop Esther Soet, UGX 400,000 came from former woman MP, Hon. Ruth Lematia, UGX200,000 from Mr. Adima Patrick who had also printed IEC fliers worthy UGX1M, UGX200, 000 from Mr. Atima Jackson, the hubby of the district woman MP. Hon. Ayaka Rose and 25kg of posho from the district NRM chairperson, Gabriel Ofeku, among others.

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