FEUD! Kisoro Politicians ‘lock horns’ over Anti-COVID-19 Money

Kampala – Feud has erupted among leaders in Kisoro over Parliament’s decision to deduct UGX10bn from Supplementary budget and handing it to MPs to fight Coronavirus.

On Tuesday, April 14, Parliament allocated UGX10bn from the COVID -19 supplementary budget to facilitate MPs in the committee established by the house to join national activities in the fight against the pandemic.

Sam Kwizera Bitangaro the bufumbira South MP affirmed that decision taken by Parliament binds him given the right procedure was complied with in arriving at the decision so he takes responsibility.

“The decision does only appear insensitive but also call on us, especially this Lockdown in our country and the world over. it is time everyone should tighten their belts and make the needed sacrifices for vulnerable groups! So is Parliament doing that by making such an appropriation?,” Hon. Kwizera submitted.

He further affirmed that he hadn’t received the Ugx 20m yet and however, he revealed that he would consult his constituents on the best way to spend these funds while following the guidelines from Parliament.

“So much as the anger, frustration and disappointment from the public are understandable. I would ask that don’t be quick to judge. Wait to hear how each MP uses the money and how it will be accounted for,” said Bitangaro.

Dr James Nsaba Buturo, Bufumbira East MP has condemned the tenth parliament decision of allocating UGX20m to each legislator to facilitate the fight against COVID-19.

“It was unwise for the legislators to allocate themselves such large sums of money amidst the trouble facing the nation. it would be better for the money to be summed up and given to the ministry of health to aid the fight against COVID-19,” the former Ethics Minister submitted.

He revealed that he had not also received the funds and shall not accept it because people are suffering without anything to eat, no medicine in hospitals and health workers with no protective gear.

Former Ethics Minister, Dr James Nsaba Buturo, (Bufumbira East MP) (File Photo)

He lashed at Parliament for the decision to give UGX20M irrespective of the people’s suffering and further disclosed that the House was not given time to debate the idea.

John Niyizeimana Kamara (Bufumbira North MP) blasts his bufumbira East counterpart of being a populist and trying to play cheap politics, revealing that he was waiting for the money to immediately buy some food for his people.

“People like Nsaba Buturo, claiming to reject the COVID-19 money, are just doing cheap popularity, like all people in his constituency are well off. Let him give it to me and I take it to Bufumbira North as people are suffering,” Niyizeimana lashed out.

He ‘added salt to the wound’ by alleging the legislators like Nsaba Butoro were blackmailing MPs like he is clean citing his counterpart had not rejected the UGX 29M given to the MPs during the Amendment article (Togikwatako) 102(b)on the age limit of the president.

Abel Bizimana the kisoro LC5, charged at Parliament asserting it was full of greedy and selfish people that minded about themselves their suffering people.; revealing that the UGX10bn was meant for the ministry of health but they cut their budget whilst most hospitals struggling without supplies.

“Parliament is full of selfish and greedy people who care about themselves alone. The money was meant to go to the ministry of health but they grabbed it as most hospitals and health workers languish without supplies,” Bizimana submitted

“Let them copy president Museveni who has been fighting it all for them they want money and what I know they will not go to the villages they will eat the money and stay in Kampala,” addedBizimana.

Richard Ndyana the mayor kisoro municplaity calls upon the Kisoro municplaity MP Sam Byibesho to accept the money and he gets food for his people as the municipality most people are suffering as most are the ones that have been working for hands to mouth.

Rose Kabagyenyi the kisoro woman MP says if she get the money she is ready to go and help the people as many are sleeping on empty stomachs.

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