COVID-19: Don’t levy extra fees! Institutions cautioned as schools open April 27

Kampala – Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports has, on Saturday, April 4, revealed that schools will open April 20 subsequent to the end of the 32-day suspension of their operations, RedPepper Digital’s Maurice Muhwezi reports.

In a March 18 address on the guideline to combat COVID-19, President Museveni sanctioned the closure of institutions for a period of 32 days effective Friday March 20, 2020.

Education Minister, also First Lady, Mrs. Janet Museveni said her Ministry has directed all education institutions not to levy any extra fees following the resumption of programs in the current school term or semester.

The First Lady said at the right time, the Government will inform the public the date of reopening but added that it was designate (unless otherwise) to be April 27.

“Our planning is that if everything goes according to plan, God willing, pre-primary, primary, secondary schools and Primary Teachers Colleges will open for continuation for Term one on the April 27 up to June 12,” Mrs. Museveni asserted.

In a televised address, Janet said, “Term two will start on the 22 June to 4 September and Term three will start on 21 September to 19 December 2020.”

She added: “Universities and other tertiary institutions including BTVET (Business Technical, Vocational Education and Training) institutions will open for continuation of the current semester on 2 May 2020.”

The Ministry is also working with Local Governments through District Inspectors of schools, DEOs +District Education Officers), Head Teachers of both Primary and secondary schools to identify model teachers to prepare remedial learning to be delivered on radio and TV stations across the country.

The minister cautioned institution from conducting any forms of examinations during the #Covid19 crisis because a section of students lack the infrastructure to do them.

“We have therefore decided that all these examinations be suspended until we are out of this crisis,” she sustained.

State Minister of Higher Education, John Chrysostom Muyingo (File Photo)

This comes barely 72hours since State Minister of Higher Education, John Chrysostom Muyingo, warned the administration of Uganda Christian University (UCU) against conducting online examination after a section of parents and students decried the move.

As the lockdown enters day 6, Uganda has so far registered 48 cases of the deadly coronavirus as government continues to fasten its belt in the fight.
A sign of relief was sighted Saturday April 4, when Health Ministry’s Director of General Health Service, Dr. Henry Mwebesa upheld the 48.
“To date, a cumulative of 2,629 samples have been tested for COVID19. The total number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in the country still stands at 48,” said Dr Mwebesa,

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