St. Peters Jinja Pioneers Campaign Against Coronavirus

By Brian Musaasizi

St Peters High School in Jinja have put in place stringent measures to prevent the Coronavirus (COVID 19 disease).

The Indian _founded school is the first in the country to embark on the sensitization campaign around its premises, engaging both the students and staff members.

Coronavirus Awareness Play cards at St. Peters High School

At the school’s gate, what welcomes you are the play cards with written prevention measures. The same have been done in classrooms, Staffroom and other areas within and outside.

The COVID 19 was first declared by China on 31st December 2020 and has now spread to all continents on Earth and over 47 countries are affected. In Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, and Egypt have already reported cases.

DETERMINED:Siima Olivia, Headteacher St Peters High School Jinja

According to Ms. Siima Olivia, the Head of the school, they have developed Dos and Don’ts to create awareness that must be followed to avert the virus.

“Although Uganda has no case of COVID 19, we are sensitizing our school community and the public to remain alert and diligently exercise preventive measures to avoid contracting the disease”,Ms. Olivia added that by creating awareness among the students, they also spread the message to their parents.

The Resident District Commissioner for Jinja Eric Sakwa hailed the school for championing the campaign and asked other institutions to follow the same.
“We appeal to all institutions to do the same and ensure that they do sensitization as part of their daily programs”, Sakwa said.

There are three stages of an epidemic and currently, Uganda is at the first stage – of the prevention stage, according to the health ministry.

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