By Jolly Gwari

Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations, Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has revealed in a tweet that he has no problem talking to Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine, a political singer, Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East in the Ugandan capital Kampala and the leader of the People Power Movement, a youth dominated political pressure group aspiring to field him in 2021 for president, has caused quite a stir on the political scene, attracting the attention of many in the ruling party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

“A lot of my supporters are telling me to sit down and talk to my brother Bobi wine. I have no problem talking to him; we talked in the past and were friends. I just advise all the youth never to seek war over peace,” Gen. Muhoozi wrote in a tweet that carried an old picture of both men enjoying a light moment from the past.

A screenshot of Gen. Muhoozi’s tweet

Gen Muhoozi, a son to President Yoweri Museveni, is not known to hold any political ambitions but a twitter hashtag #ProjectMuhoozi has gained a lot of currency online suggesting that those ambitions might have become real.

Two days ago, Gen. Muhoozi dismissed the project in another tweet saying it was coined by what he called ‘Evil people’ but promised that his generation of supporters would start making good use of it. Immediately after that tweet, the hashtag #ProjectMuhoozi went viral in what is seen as a start of a move to popularize his political side that could see him shed off his military skin.

“Some evil people coined this phrase to try and destroy us! But trust my generation to convert every curse into a blessing! Thank you Ugandans!” Muhoozi wrote in that tweet.

In 2013, serving Coordinator of Intelligence Services, Gen. David Tinyefuza a.k.a Sejusa was the first public official to reveal there was a Muhoozi Project in place and it is not clear if Gen. Muhoozi, also a son of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was referring to him.

‘Muhoozi Project’ is a phrase commonly uttered in the open public to refer to a plan by President Museveni to be grooming his son for a future presidency.

In a letter addressed to President Museveni, through the then Director-General of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO), called for an investigation into reports that there were plans to assassinate top army officers perceived to be opposed to the project.

Gen. Sejusa who fought alongside Museveni in the National Resistance Army in the 1980s was allegedly referring to reports that then Brig. Kainerugaba, was/is being prepared to succeed his father as head of state, reports PML Daily…

Gen. Sejusa’s letter which was published in the Red Pepper and Daily Monitor, brought trouble to the two media houses when they faced an 11-day siege by the military demanding details of the confidential communication.

Gen. Sejusa alleged that Gen Kainerugaba represented a “Muhoozi project of Mr. Museveni to subvert the existing political system in order to perpetuate himself.”

The President has remained tight-lipped on his son succeeding him while these are Muhoozi’s first comments since a row broke out over claims that he is being groomed to succeed his father.

Gen. Kainerugaba who is one rank below his father did not rule out harboring presidential ambitions. He was appointed head of the Special Forces Command in 2008 and was given control of the elite presidential guard in 2010.

Many Ugandans have reacted to Gen. Muhoozi’s latest tweet and we reproduce some of the tweets here below:

Ssebunya shafique (@ssebunyashaf)
Bobi is a defiant man. He thinks kavuyo will help him

Musa B. Rwamigoye (@rwamigoye)

Banyankole say , ## the already milk mixed with the blood is not easy to isolate ## there4 my brother Muhoozi it’s to late to have a Discourse with Bobi wine.

O. D. K (@OKatandi)
@mkainerugaba Bring yourself to the ballot and Bobi Wine will send you home in the morning.

@Sir_Dickson_ :This is so human of you

Amonmuhangi (@Amonmuhangi1)
@mkainerugaba For the good of Uganda, I 100% supports u as long as it will help Ugandans peace and development moving on and on

Hirohito (@Hirohit41031951)
@mkainerugaba Did you say, supporters? Ok I read your point #Afande

Kawuma Anthony (@Junojanta)
@mkainerugaba I think the reason most youth still find it hard to support bobi is d he succeeded at an early age (26), a stage where most now still live with your parents washing utensils n cleaning toilets, that’s y it’s hard for u to notice what’s wrong in the country

Rogers (@MRogersss1)
@CanaryMugume make a report on this and don’t forget long tape measure it’s deep, and come with

Justine Oyite K (@JustusOyite)
@mkainerugaba For sure brother, that’s the good way to go. H.E Bobi wine is such amazing Gentleman like you. Sit down with him 4 better Uganda. Leave alone those NRM goons, murderers.They will spoil your good soul for nothing! Ugandans loves you Afande Muhoozi

Justine Nameere (@JustineNameere)
@mkainerugaba The way am smiling reading this oba mbaddeki?!Face with tears of joyYou have a high level of humility & diplomacy yet it w’d still be understandable if you didn’t have any! Bambi General MK yakuzibwa! Calmness, especially in men, is closely connected to intelligence!

Eddy MJ (@EddyMJ5)
@mkainerugaba So you have already gathered supporters? Why deny Muhoozi Project then?

Amonmuhangi (@Amonmuhangi1)
@mkainerugaba Bobi Wine is an artificial politician who’s against peaceful Uganda .

Mr. Abaho Chrispus (@Mr_Abaho)
@mkainerugaba True characters of a true leader!

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