Carpool-for-medics! Ugandans offer free-rides to health practitioners in fight against COVID-19

Kampala – A section of Ugandans on social media have taken matters in their own hands by contributing to the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) as more cases were registered to a tune of 23. Maurice Muhwezi reports.

Dubbed the #CarPool4MedicsUg, the initiative – crafted by patriotic Ugandans – is geared towards aid the transportation of medical personnel to and fro their designated facilities that have put their lives on the line for the nation in the fight against coronavirus.

Media Personality and NBS Tv news anchor, Sheila Nduhukire took it to her twitter feed and advocated for #CarPool4MedicsUg initiative tagging fellow journalist Raymond Mujuni, City lawyer Peter Kahindi and Benjamin Rukwengye, founder of Boundless Minds, an education-leadership social enterprise working with high school graduates.

“#CarPool4MedicsUg anyone? Offering transport for medics in your areas. @qataharraymond (Raymond Mujuni), @Rukwengye (Benjamin) and @wa_Kabwohe (Peter Kahindi) #StaySafeUg #Covid19,” Nduhukire’s tweet read.

Ms Nduhukire called up all Ugandans to offer their cars in transporting medical practitioners unable to get to their workplaces after the suspension of public transport.

This development follows Government’s announcement suspending of all forms of public transport in Uganda for 14 days as a move to contain the spread of Coronavirus infections countrywide.

The move directly crippled the movement of health workers given most of the use the banned public means.

In his fifth address on the guidelines on Coronavirus, President Museveni revealed that public means would sabotage the fight against COVID-19; allowing 3 passengers automotives to hit the roads.

“The government has decided to suspend for 14 days, all public transport, including all taxis, coasters, buses, passenger trains, tuk-tuks (3-wheelers) and Boda-bodas,” President Museveni said.

With the increasing understaffing at hospitals and other medical facilities, Individuals capitalized on social media to offer free transport of the medics to their places of work in appreciation of their efforts in the fight.

“God bless the human hearted being that started #CarPool4MedicsUg! I am within the Bweyogerere-Namugongo area and willing to assist any medic stuck on the road to work: Dial 07……….,” tweeted Rugyendo Arinaitwe, media guru.

Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng checks the thermal scanner. (PHOTO: FIle)

“I am Looking for groups that want to contribute some form of transportation for health workers in particular Nurses & Midwives around Kampala to get to their health facilities for the next 2 weeks. Many did not turn up for work today (Thursday, March 26),” Ms. Tracy Kobukindo, a nurse and public health expert indulged the public.

RedPepper Digital extend their heartfelt gratitude to all individuals that have taken the initiative to get health practitioners to the medical facilities.

Gracias! Asante Sana. Webare, Apwoyo Matek, Webale!

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