BUSINESS: Briton Lubricants to enter Sudan, DRC Markets

By Brian Musasiizi

Jinja – One of Africa’s leading manufacturers of oils and lubricants, Briton Lubricant Ltd is set to enter the Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo’s markets after its successful penetration of other African countries.

While meeting a Business delegation from the two countries, flanked by the company CFO Mr.Bhavi Gujja, Briton Lubricant Ltd General Manager Aman Dutta said their outstanding product is an eye-opener to all Ugandans and consumers in the great lakes region.

‘’We are one of the largest manufacturers of grease in East Africa and has, within the first five years of operation, established a name for the high-quality products in Tanzania as well as in neighbouring countries. Briton Lubricant LTD is the direct result of an ambitious expansion programme that the group has embarked upon and now we are entering Sudan and DRC,’’ Aman told the delegation.

Aman Dutta the GM Briton Lubricants Ltd(in blazer), CFO Bharvi Gujjar and Reagan Muganza Meeting Delegations from Sudan and DRC at Njeru Factory. (PHOTO: Brian Musasiizi)

Capt. Regan Muganza, the head of marketing and international strategies told RedPepper Digital that they have a wide range of automotive lubricants ranging from PCMO’s, DEO’s, Two Wheeler oils, Brake Fluids, Coolants, Gear oils, Gas engine oils and Greases.

The industrial products include Hydraulic oils, Industrial Gear-oils, General Machinery oils, Heat Transfer oils, Quenching oils, Pneumatic oils, Neat and soluble Cutting oils, Rust Preventive and other Specialty Products including Extreme Pressure greases.

‘’We have been offering to our customers a Comprehensive Diagnostic Service across African continents. This means that our African market will now enjoy top-quality performances. Our standards met specifications as per our due diligence process,” Muganza added.

The Sudanese delegation led by Andrew Ndugene this particular partnership intended to expand Briton’s foot print in the great lakes region.

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