Big Eye condemns Bebe Cool’s bottle-attack

By Grace Turyatunga

Kampala – Singer Big Eye has condemned the acts of violence that were done to Bebe Cool at Singer Sanyu Cindy’s show at Lugogo Cricket Oval last Saturday, March 7.

Speaking in an interview at NBS uncut Kalakata show, Big Eye said it was time for all stakeholders of the entertainment industry to come out and condemn the bottle-pelting act.

He revealed that when a similar incident befell him, a section of the audience alleged it was a stunt. He also went ahead to explain that what hurt him most is that even Bebe Cool arrogantly trashed the incident saying he (Big Eye) was hit because he didn’t have any hit songs.

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“Bebe Cool never came out to defend me when they pelted me with bottles. He just told me to go back to the studio and do good music. Now that he was also been hit again with the bottles, doesn’t he also have good music?” He asked.

More to that, Big Eye said he has no advice to offer Bebe Cool as he is mature enough to get himself out of the situation since he has been there before.

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