People Power Movement Should Not Use Death for Cheap Political Capital

By Martha Leah Nangalama

A group of Ugandans linked to the People Power Movement in the USA, Canada, and Europe have organized demonstrations following the death of two young Ugandans recently.

I am not attending these demonstrations in the diaspora being organized by People Power. 

Here’s why!
Bobi Wine should sack his media team and hire a professional. 
Capitalizing on the death of two young people is not my cup of tea. 

Those two kids are in the same age group as my kids so I fly to Toronto, Canada to capitalize on deaths!! With a poster like this. Who is gonna raise their kids? The opposition needs to learn from Gen. Mugisha Muntu.

When Muntu flies to Toronto, I will fly there to meet him.
Uganda has only one opposition leader. The others are fake.
Ugandans should be demanding from Museveni why his security goons are killing our kids so frequently.

Ugandans should be demanding from their opposition leaders why their kids are being killed. 

Opposition leaders should not be taking the killings as political capital. They should suspend all their rallies, consultations and kwekalakasa to demand justice for the dead and imprisoned.

You surely do not think we have opposition in Uganda. Here is the BIG News, there is no opposition in Uganda.

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