Kiwanuka To Face Egyptian

By Emmanuel Sekago

UBC International ChampionshipHeavyweight: Shafik Kiwanuka (Uganda) vs. Sammy Abdallah (Egypt)UBC Africa Boxing championship: Sgt Alidina Muzei vs. Thabet (Egypt)Date: 29th February 2020Venue: IUEA Auditorium TheatreEntrance: Ordinary 20k, VIP 50k, VVIP 100k, Table 500kAfter winning his third professional fight at the Omega of 2019, Shafik Kiwanuka is set to return in ring at the end of May this year to face off with Egyptian. This time the heavy Weight ‘Killing Machine’ Shafik Kiwanuka will be testing the credentials of Egyptian fighter in Sammy Aly Abdallah come May 29th, 2020 at the International University of East Africa (IUEA) Auditorium in Kansanga.

While launching the fourth professional fight for Uganda’s heavy Weight boxer at IUEA on Thursday, the president, Great Strikers International, Buchanan said that Shafik Kiwanuka is one of the fast-growing professional boxers Uganda has and soon will be a world champions because he is very determined and ambitious.“Kiwanuka has a very, very bright future, fasting growing and determined boy.” Said  Buchanan. We were going to pool out from Dube fight when we feared that our boy might lose, but Shafik told me that boss, for me, I fear none, I can fight him and indeed he won the fight, such determination the boy has can quickly take him to world level.”Kiwanuka so far has three professional fights, the first one came early in 2019 and he outclassed Kenyan David Kalama before beating Tyson Mbikayi from Dr. Congo and Zimbabwean Thusang Dube.

Shafik Kiwanuka knows nothing about his opponent but he is not worried, claiming that he is ready to meet any opponent whether he knows him or not.“Nothing I know about my opponent, but as usual, I am ready to fight, I Only ask Ugandans to come and support me, it’s because of them that I am at this level, so let them continue with that heart and support me again, I am a killing machine always,” he said. Kiwanuka’s opponent from Egypt, Abdallah Aly Samy, is a 29-year-old professional boxer, in his five professional fights; he has registered four wins and one draw. Meanwhile, At the same event, Feather Weight fighter Sgt Alidina Muzei will be facing Thabet in the UBC Africa Boxing championship.

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