Budding Musician Yiga Flees Into Hiding

ON THE RUN: Upcoming singer Richard Yiga aka Stigy

Upcoming singer Richard Yiga aka Stigy, who was one of Uganda’s most promising talents, is living in fear for his life ever since he learnt that he is being hunted by a mob that wants to lynch him for engaging in same-sex acts.

Word coming in indicates that trouble for Yiga started after he got involved in a same-sex affair with the late Hassan Ssempijja, who was one of disgraced former SC Villa coach Chris Mubiru’s lover boys.

However, Ssempijja was lynched by locals in Kiboga, on October 18th, 2019, who accused him of recruiting young boys in the area into same-sex acts.

It should be noted that he was hibernating in Kiboga areas to hide away from authorities who had mounted a hunt for him to face the law over his crimes.

Sources in Namulanda, off Entebbe Road, reveal that Ssempijja and Yiga had been tight and the community was concerned about them for corrupting society morals and Ugandan culture which regards such acts as abominable and taboo.

Meanwhile, we have also learnt that after the mob lynched Sempijja, his parents also launched a hunt for Yiga in a bid to revenge by lynching him too much that he could meet the same fate as their son.

On learning that he was being hunted, Yiga’s relatives reveal that he disappeared from the area and to this day his whereabouts are still unknown

However, reports indicate that he might have run out of the country to neighbouring states to seek safe haven.

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