By Jolly Gwari

The assistant inspector general of police, Uganda Police Force, Mr. Bangirana Godfrey who was last month ordered to hand over the logistics and welfare of the office due to the expiry of his contract is to continue working until the contract is renewed.

IGP Martins Okoth-Ochola ordered Mr. Godfrey Bangirana to hand over to his deputy, Mr. Richard Edyegu.  According to the letter, Bangirana was asked to hand over the office to the senior commissioner of police not later than Monday, July 22, as he awaits a decision on his appointment. 

However, Mr. Bangirana is here to stay as always according to the Ministry of Internal affairs in a statement bellow. “As you are aware, your contract expired on 17th July 2019; however, you showed the interest of renewing for a period of two years (02).

The Police department has already forwarded your application to the Uganda Police Authority for consideration and the final decision has not yet been taken hitherto.  Arising of the above and the need for continuity in the Police force, it has been administratively decided that you stay in your office until the renewal of your contract is considered by the Appointing Authority”.  The statement reads in part.

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