many Ugandans are becoming millionaires from working in UAE

By Our Reporter

The thought of moving and working abroad for the most unemployed youth in Uganda is exciting and it’s seen as a great opportunity which it is to some of the people that use the right licensed agencies.

That is why some would leave some good job opportunities here and sell all they can to get a visa. However, it’s understandable with the unemployment on a high rise in Uganda, majority of the youth are pushed by hardships they face here and decide to go looking for the greener pasture even when it means to risk their lives.

Despite the fact that the horrible stories of beastly treatment and loss of lives of some Ugandan women in the Middle East have been out there for some time, many still line up in different companies to be taken there.
According to the general manager of one of the leading labor exporter’s agency in Lubowa that has been taking expatriates; Hays Recruitment Agency Mr. Amanya Asher they export about 200males & females to Abudhabi to work as Airport, and mall security guards which are a decent job for any person abroad.

He disclosed that not everyone that goes to the Middle East is harassed or mistreated.

It all begins with how someone plans on moving abroad. Most people who end up being enslaved in the Middle East are those people who didn’t go through the right channels or recruitment agencies that are licensed by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and social development. But because they badly want to leave as soon as possible, they always opt for “kagwilawo things” with agents who are in most cases unlicensed.

Esther at work Etihad Abudhabi Airport

Hence without any job training or interviews which are always conducted by legit secure companies like Hay recruitment agencies whom we found a group of people training for CCTV & x-ray baggage, will be working at Abudhabi airport earning at least 3m. It’s mandatory for a candidate to sign a contract before you go plus they will provide you with first-class accommodation, transport, medical insurance, uniforms and UAE national ID that allows access to every point of UAE during a day off.

Ugandan Steward at Paralympic games

Esther one of the successful youth in the Middle East works with Etihad at Abudhabi airport, is also on her vacation. She said life is good and she earns almost more than an MP here in Uganda. She went with Hays back in 2016 after a short course by the same company.

“As a recruitment company, we have a role to play to make sure that the people we send in the Middle East are on their right jobs and leaving life like any other employee on a job.” Says the General Manager Hays recruitment.

Hays Candidates leaving for Abu Dhabi at Entebbe Airport

Mr. Amanya called upon all the youth that may have a dream to work abroad not to be scared because many people who moved abroad with licensed agencies found decent jobs.

Baggage handler at Abu Dhabi Airport

Just like one called Mukasa a candidate on vacation & going back, unlike what has been published in the news and on social media, he and his team he went with all earn between 2.7m-4m and they are treated fairly.

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