By Jolly Gwari

The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) has disqualified 100 (one hundred) local defense recruits after they did not meet the standards of a secondary screening the exercise conducted at the military training schools according to Lt Col Henry Obbo, UPDF Land Forces Spokesperson.  It is a normal UPDF procedure to conduct further screening of recruits on arrival at the training schools before military training commences.

Some of the secondary screening, areas include scrutiny of the records of the discipline of the recruits and further medical examination for conditions that could not be checked by field medical units at the recruitment centers. This year, the UPDF decided to top up this number onto the quotas of Iganga and Bugweri districts where the local leadership had made earlier formal requests for an increment in the number of recruits. This number will, however, be gradually reduced from the quotas of the two districts during subsequent recruitments. 

The recruitment will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, 06 Aug 2019 in Iganga as the recruitment center. The recruitment criteria remain the same: citizens of Uganda aged 18-35 years with original national identity cards, P.7 to S.4 certificates, residents of the districts, disciplined, no criminal records, medically and physically fit (ready for tests to this effect), duly signed letters of recommendation from LC 1 and GISO and should preferably have no other formal engagement/employment.

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