By Tonny Akankwatsa

President Museveni has enacted the new Wildlife Bill that was passed by Parliament of Uganda in 2017.  Uganda Wildlife Act, 2019 intends to provide compensation for loss of life and property caused by animals escaping from wildlife protected area and also to consolidate the law that guides conservation and management of wildlife in Uganda. 

Notably, this follows assent to Uganda Wildlife Bill, 2017 by president Museveni. The wildlife conservation and tourism fraternity in Uganda has received a great boost.

The commissioner wildlife conservation in the ministry of tourism, Dr. Akankwasa Barirega says the new law UGANDA WILDLIFE ACT, 2019 comes with significant reforms which will enhance the country’s wildlife conservation efforts.

These include tough penalties for anyone engaged in wildlife crime involving endangered species with a life sentence and fine of 20 billion shillings or both introduced as he explains.

Highlights in the new law include:

1. Community participation in wildlife management strengthened through Community Wildlife Committees for each Protected Area

 2. Introduces up to life sentence and a fine of 20Bn or both for wildlife crime involving endangered species

 3. Reforms revenue sharing program into conditional grants to communities

 4. Introduces compensation for wildlife induced damage outside protected areas

 5. Promotes commercialization of wildlife on private land through sustainable utilization

 6. Domesticated CITES implementation in Uganda.

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