By Jolly Gwari and Agencies

Busoga Sub-Region’s nearly 3,000 leaders have passed a resolution endorsing President Yoweri Museveni as their sole Presidential candidate for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party come to the 2021 elections. The leaders from all the 10 districts of the Sub-Region – Jinja, Iganga, Luuka, Kaliro, Buyende, Namayingo, Bugiri, Kamuli, Namutumba, and Mayuge said in Jinja at the end of their meeting during which the President addressed them on job and wealth creation that “we need your guidance and wisdom.”The resolution, presented by Iganga District NRM Chairperson, Mr. Abubaker Walubi commended and described the President as a political figure who has redeemed the country adding that he is Uganda’s unifying factor that restored the glory of the country.

President Museveni who is continuing with his countrywide tour to educate the masses on job and wealth creation, in order to chase household poverty out of people’s homes, told Busoga Sub-Region leaders’ meeting in Jinja Municipality that if all the local leaders could concentrate on the campaign to eliminate household poverty from the 68% of Ugandans who are engaged in subsistence production, many of the country’s socio-economic challenges would be solved. He noted that this is possible to realize if issues pertaining to education, health, water development, among others are addressed.

“When you empower the homestead, you have empowered the community too. This too would benefit the government and other institutions whether traditional or religious once the homestead is productive,” he explained. “That is why I am here to talk to you leaders of Busoga Sub-Region to see that you can go down, in turn, to talk to people at the grassroots about the gospel on wealth and job creation,” he added.

The President told the leaders’ conference which included Parliamentary Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Affairs, Al-Hajji Ali Kirunda Kivejinja, Ministers, MPs, the clergy, Busoga Kingdom’s chiefdom representatives, among others, that as elected leaders they must also understand leadership entails voluntarism.

“Since independence in 1962, Uganda had a problem of socio-political ‘doctor-ship’ cleansing socio-economic problems by addressing development issues.

Let us fight the sickness of poverty in our communities,” he said adding that NRM always sticks to its tradition of playing its cardinal role of mass mobilization to sensitize people on matters that cause lack of wealth and job creation in society.

  The President told the conference that for Busoga Sub-Region, the 1995 NRM Manifesto recommended enterprise selection fit for four-acre undertakings such as coffee, fruits, food crops, pasture for dairy animals, piggery, fish rearing, and vegetables.

He said all the enumerated products can make one mint good financial returns in modern society.

He informed the conference he had decided to enumerate those ventures again because they are profitable undertakings not cotton, maize or sugar cane production that requires extensive land from 6 to 10 acres for one to realize reasonable financial dividends. He told the leaders that cassava is an important crop that can benefit the sub-region adding that cassava could help Uganda stop the importation of starch for the manufacture of medicines in pharmaceuticals.

President cautioned the people of Busoga Sub-Region in particular and other areas that are heavily populated like Kigezi and West Nile against continued archaic practices of land fragmentation. He noted that the practice has made people in Kabale and Arua unable to produce food. “Imagine the people of Kabale and Arua no longer produce food.

In West Nile, people buy food from DR. Congo. These areas have the most fertile soils in the world. The land can no longer produce food not because the soils have lost fertility or for lack or rains but just because of human settlement,” he said.

The President called for protection and preservation of the country’s wetlands saying they can be better used on their periphery for fish farming which is a far better profitable venture than destroying them for rice production.

The President also used the occasion to launch the motorcycles transport system, an improvised cycle ambulance that can also transport Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) officials in the Sub-Region.

The assorted transport system is a donation from Shumuk Company that is tailored to aid greatly the mobilization exercise of wealth and job creation in the whole country.

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