By Jolly Gwari and Agencies

Lydia Nabawanuka eminently known as Lydia Jazmine released a new song titled ‘Mpanirira’ in June. Besides, the song has already gone viral in the music playlists for her smooth vocals and strong lyricism. In the song written by Yese Oman Rafiki, Lydia Jazmine yearns for love as she begs to be supported, the loose meaning of the word ‘Mpanirira’.

However, the vocal love songbird Lydia Jasmine has been battling allegations of song theft after she affirmed that she bought from one of the top music writers who later sold the song to another artist. A few weeks later, the singer is urging her fans to desist from singing, sharing, or even listening to the song and requests that they drop it and wait for her other new music yet to be released.

Lydia Jazmine confirms she no longer holds any intent of owning the song even when she had purchased it from the writer with the intent of keeping her reputation and brand. “We released audio and lyric visual titled ‘Mpanirira’. We bought this song from one of the top music writers in Uganda, However, one week after release, it has come to our knowledge that the song had been sold to another person before getting to our custody, Because of this development, I would like my fans and all concerned stakeholders that with immediate effect, I hold no interest in the song,” she said. “Although we are victims of the writer’s deed, we highly regret any inconveniences caused.

Dear ‘Jazmine addicts’ and well-wishers, allow us to drop the ‘Mpanirira’ song in order to keep the brand Lydia Jazmine reputation of staying away from conflict drama. Get ready to dance to new music because we shall be releasing another big audio and visual in a week’s time” she added.

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