By Jolly Gwari and Agencies

Uganda superstar Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon has denied reports that he supports the ruling National Resistance Movement noting that he only went there purposely money. Jose Chameleon, real name Joseph Mayanja, who recently portrayed his ambition in becoming the mayor of the capital city, Kampala has been facing criticism from the public as to why he was once in NRM.

Chameleon has been confusing people .one time he was chilling and praising people power movement and the next time he could put his thumb up and worship NRM. Just three years ago Jose Chameleon led the Tubonga Nawe musical campaign for President Museveni’s 2016 presidential bid. Ironically, the singer Chameleon has strongly denied being NRM member and prevailed himself as a member of DP who is ready to work with his party and together with Hon. Kyagulanyi(Bobi Wine).

“I have never been in NRM, I would like to make it clear to everybody that I am a service deliverer and I have been a musician for all these years looking for money,” he said. Chameleon said that he did not want to belong to any party but the fact that Democratic Party showed him much love, he decided to belong to the party and it’s the ticket and card he is going to move. He further urged the public to stop calling him a member of NRM because he has never been part of the ruling party.

“People want to call me NRM but my background right away from my grandparents, evens my own father, brothers we are all DP members, “he said. “I went to NRM purposely to make money like the way I sing in different places like Lugogo, Masaka and other places so I don’t know why people are pushing me to NRM. I have never been in NRM. I am a DP member and I will always remain DP right away from birth,” he added.

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