By Jolly Jolly Gwari and Agencies

As the country is impatiently waiting for the first match in the 16 round, Uganda cranes on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 did not undergo training despite a training program released by the technical team. The players were protesting their not paid bonuses for group A matches whereby they beat DRC and had a draw with Zimbabwe.

 However, FUFA has since engaged the players and confirmed that a complaint about emoluments as their cause of action. Notably, FUFA wishes to affirm that matters of the rights and obligations of the members of the Uganda Cranes at the AFCON 2019 inclusive of the allowances and bonuses of the team were discussed and agreed upon by the team and were put into a document called the Code of Conduct.

For this reason, every member of the team signed the Code of Conduct before being allowed into the camp.  Conversely, FUFA has already paid the required amount to each member of the team (Uganda cranes). Far and beyond the Code of Conduct, FUFA has also paid extra 2,780 USD to each player for camp morale and 300 USD for the International friendly match against Ivory Coast. 

As of 2nd July 2019, each player has received up to 14,600 USD (App 55m UGX) already with more daily allowances and winning bonuses awaiting to be earned and paid on time. This matter has been explained to the players and instead, they have opted to renegotiate the terms of the Code of Conduct after qualifying to the round of 16 leading to the decision not to undergo training.

FUFA believes the players will respect the signed Code of Conduct and this matter will be resolved like many others before.

Paid amount to each member

·         420 USD for the Camp in Uganda (14 days)

·         5,100 USD for the Foreign Camp (34 days ending 30th June 2019)

·         4,000 USD for the Winning Bonus of the DR Congo match

·         2,000 USD for the Draw against Zimbabwe

The financial structure

Camp in Uganda per day 14 days  30
Foreign camp(Abu Dhabi &Cairo)per day 53 days 150
Each draw in the group stages   2,000
Each win in the group stages   4,000
R16 to R8(winning @R16) 1 5,000
R8 to R4(winning @ Quarterfinal) 1 7,000
R4 to R2(winning @ Semi-Final) 1 9,000
Winning the final                        1 14,630

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