Jolly Gwari

Women are a precious gift from God but there are some things that all men need to know. Women are by far the deeper and more powerful of the two sexes. No matter how strong a man thinks he is, women are more discerning than men, more calculating, more thoughtful, more spiritual, more loyal, and more disciplined and they can handle emotional pain and psychological torture far better than men. A woman can suffer trauma, deprivation, shame, sheer cruelty and beatings from a man and still stay strong and still smiles. As her photos continue to spread like wildfire, there is a growing rage in a section of Ugandans who are expressing disappointment in her snaps.

Martha Kay

There are many people who are criticizing; blaming and also those who are very happy with what is going on in Martha’s life. This is a wrong perception; they should instead find a solution to end this wickedness in people.  Such people who like tarnishing other people’s statuses should be punished for their evil acts not being cheered up as many are doing. Women/girls are valuable and they deserve total respect whether it is your wife, sister, or even your EX. I appeal the fellow women/girls to come up and support Martha and those other girls that have been publicly mortified under the name of love or friendship.

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