Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) marines have intensified for the body of a soldier who was shot dead by a colleague at Jinja Bridge on Tuesday evening. Motorists say a section of the old bridge has been cordoned off to facilitate efforts to recover the body which fell in River Nile.

The incident happened when Pte Jonan Katushabe, who is one of the guards situated at the bridge instantly, opened fire, shooting his senior Sgt Peter Ouma. Notably, it is said that Pte Katushabe was earlier engaged in an argument with Sgt Ouma.  Sadly, the splash of bullets on Sgt Ouma threw him in the river, where his body is yet to be recovered.

After shooting Sgt Ouma, Katushabe put his colleagues at gunpoint and took them like prisoners as a means to escape the scene. However, following a tip of the army command in Jinja, a group of soldiers were sent in quickly to surround the area with machine guns and mamba personnel Carrier (APC).

For over 30 minutes, no motorist or pedestrian was allowed access to the bridge as the operation was mounted. It is said that Pte Katushabe later started firing in the air to access an exit route, but he was too late, he was already surrounded by reinforcement.  The army spokesman in Jinja, Capt George Musinguzi condemned the acts by Katushabe. “We shall investigate the matter to understand his reason for committing such a grave act. However, we as the UPDF, this is not our means of operation and we condemn it”.

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