Uganda Police Pilots and Engineers are demanding a pay rise.  The pilots say that they are being left out of a proposal to standardize the salary of pilots. The pilots and engineers on Thursday paid a visit to the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, who is a frequent user of the Police Aircraft.

The pilots whose salary was increased to Shs 2.1 million per month in April this year, now want their salary enhanced to at least Shs 8.1million per month. The pilots and engineers paid a visit to the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga, a frequent user of the police aircraft.

Ronald Kakande, the pilot in-change of training in the police air wing unit says that although they appreciate the recent salary increment, they should also be considered under the presidential and VIP pilots category since they the speaker, vice president, chief justice and also the President. Pilots in such category earn between Shs 12 million and 20 million.

He says this will motivate other pilots to join government since the money they earn does is far different from that of private pilots. Kakande says that pilots at the Soroti flying school are benefiting from the standardization, but the police pilots have been left out.

Kadaga said she will follow the matter of the VIP scale and also establish if the Police pilots can be included since they fly very important people. She also said that out of a team of 13 pilots, at least three were women who held key positions in the Police Aviation.

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