My Culture My Identity Gala dates set

By Tonny Akankwatsa

Acknowledging your history of origin and tradition vital to anyone’s life. Just they say, “history repeats itself,” visionaries tend to relay on history to predict the future. In the very cultural concerns, this year, Culture world in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Uganda National Cultural Centre will be hosting the first ever cultural gala dubbed ‘’ My Culture My Identity.’’

Judith Heard, Lavania and Joram at the launch of My culture My Identity

The event is slated for June 22, at the Uganda Museum.

This festival is suitably packaged for specifically youths with an aim to inspire them to view culture as a resource for wealth besides health and happiness.

At the Uganda Museum, the traditional gala will feature cultural fair exhibitors with cultural bounty to vend, and there will be lots of performances, stalls stocked with food, beverage among others.

Cultural leaders and dignitaries are expected to attend as there will be activities like bazaar, performances, fashion show, poetry, exhibitions, mini-tournaments and comedy.

“For the first time we are going to see our culture being showcased at the Uganda museum, we are going to have a lineup of top designers in Uganda showcasing traditional and African wear,” said Lavania. She added that, ” we are celebrating culture to enrich the young people with knowledge about culture and identity. Our panel of guests that day has the old people who know these cultural norms and values to be taught.”

Additionally, this is a charity event with an objective to support ‘Kaleke kasome’ Foundation of disadvantaged children in Mpigi.

There will also be games like; Mweso and Ddulu together multi-player games encompassing ‘kwepena’.

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