Missing’ Shs180m comes back to bite UNAA presidential contender

A $50,000 (Shs187m) deficit to the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) in 2007, which was a consequence of alleged mismanagement by then president, Frank Musisi, has returned to bite.

Frank Musisi was charged with the UNAA presidency between 2007 and 2009, it was during his time that the Association recorded a staggering and unexplained Shs187m in deficit.

With Musisi now back to vying for the presidency of the same association close to a decade later, association members have woken up to the deficit, throwing it out again for probing.

It is alleged that following a two-year reign at the helm of the Association, Musisi sought a second term of office during UNAA Chicago 2009 elections.

However, since his two-year reign had been characterised by chronic absenteeism, owing to calling duty from the US army where he is a serving officer, Musisi required so much financial investment to retain office.

“He used a lot of money to book hotels for members and buy them subscription. Unfortunately, this was money from the Association’s treasury,” a source preferring anonymity told Nile Post.

Nile Post also landed on a thread from association members, in which they alleged the same. These accuse Musisi of leaving presidential duties and office to a one Gerald Mutyaba, who they claim turned the office into his personal storage room.

“Musisi’s 2007-2009 failed accomplishments allegedly were storage office for Mutyaba and $50,000 loss-deficit because of military responsibilities,” the thread reads.

Nile Post couldn’t reach Mutyaba for a comment, however when contacted, Musisi refused to comment on the matter.

Moses Wilson, who took over office of UNAA presidency after Musisi, confirmed to Nile Post that indeed, he found a $50,000 (and over) deficit in the association’s treasury.

“I inherited a debt of over $50,000, which I was able to reduce to $20,000 during my time of office,” Wilson said.

When pushed further to elaborate the cause of the deficit, he quipped; “Mismanagement”.

The Association heads to another general election in August, with Musisi facing an uphill task against Henrietta Wamala and Julius Lwebuga Muwulya.

The campaigns ahead of elections have already been characterised by money spending, intrigue, and coalitions.

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