SK Mbuga survives Swedish cold shelters

By Tonny Akankwatsa

Good news reaching our desk is that, back then renown tycoon and businessman SK Mbuga aka Sulaiman Mbuga is allegedly free again out of the jail. Young to be that rich, Mbuga has braved cold shelters for over a year.

In the Video clip she shared, Mbuga is seen joyous walking around the room as any other man would celebrate freedom from jail. In her comment captioning the clip, SK Mbuga’s wife Vivian Chabet seemingly was confirming to the public probably that even though he was locked in but life was that bad since he is still alive and kicking.

SK Mbuga with wife Angella Vivienne Birungi

“hasn’t been bad to u,” Vivian posted her Instagram account to confirm. And in the background, probably Vivian sounds, “its ok now, ha ha, ok they will be happy.”

Mbuga was remitted in Dubai where he and the wife were residing and was charged for money laundering among others.

Romour has it that he is finalizing procedures to be granted freedom in two weeks hence likely to fly back to Uganda. Watch the space for more details of his where about.

Source: Sean Musa

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