Minister Mutuzo warns musicians, amidst world cultural day

By Tonny Akankwatsa

The Minister of State for Gender and Culture in the Ugandan Cabinet, Peace Mutuuzo has cautioned musicians regards realizing political music/songs.

Hon. Peace precautioned artistes to “stop” production of political influential kind of music in this period ahead of the forthcoming election season come 2021.

She advises this is against the law hence one is likely to suffer consequences once convicted by authorities. Perhaps, “there is time” for such activities and those enthusiastic about composing such music should wait until 2021 as the appropriate period hence elections phase.

Additionally, Hon. Mutuuzo noted that musicians should instead compose songs that encourage people regards social-economic developing and transformation of the country. Rather than political issues that will deter citizens from upgrading their personal development and financial status. Hence the reason as to why such music is invalidated form circulation.

“This is not the first time political music is rejected from circulation. Everything has its period and we all know and expect such music to be composed during the election season,” she said advising that they “should compose and and other normal songs regards socio-economic development, and when its time for political elections period, we (politicians to be specific) shall then compose music of our interests to promote us victor.”

She recalls the national constitution indoctrinates that “voting re-occurs after a five year term”, besides “the electoral commission has set a policy” to be followed. However to her dismay, “the elected government with major authority” shouldn’t be intervened “during its ruling term” till the regime is at its peak, thus when anybody is allowed engage themselves in politics with personal interests.”   

Hon. Mutuuzo narrated this, May 20, at Uganda Media Centre, in preparations for world cultural day, May 21, requesting Ugandans to embrace their respective cultural tradition norms by dress code. Celebrations are to be held today at Uganda National Theater.

“I call upon all people in government and non-government organizations that we dress up in our respective cultural attires representing our historical background even though we are to be in office,” she noted.

Foe its the only way “these millennials can trace our historical background besides promoting our culture.”

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