Kidnapping Criminal Gang In Ishasha Busted

Security Chiefs meeting American tourists, they planned a trap that is leading to arrest of those involved.

The joint security team actively investigating the kidnapping incident
and successful recovery of an American tourist Ms. Kimberly Sue
Endicott and a Senior Tour Guide, Jean Paul Mirenge- Remezo, has made
some arrests of suspects, on suspicion of being involved in their

Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police Spokesperson confirms the arrest.

“The intelligence led operation which was calculated and tactical, in
the early stages is now progressing unhindered, with raids and
extensive searches in Kanungu district, where the suspects were
arrested and the neighboring areas”.

We want to applaud the Joint Security team, for ensuring the
kidnapping incident, where the captors were armed, in a very dynamic
setting, did not go wrong, and for their break through in attempts to
crack down, the criminal gang, Enanga said

We continue to remain committed to the safety of the community, and
also thank all stakeholders including the US Embassy, the Tourism
Sector, families and friends, and the Media for their patience and
support during the recovery efforts, Enanga said

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