Ms Uganda America Angel To Donate 1,000 manufactured homes In Busoga

Beauty contests can be an important focus of national or regional pride. Uganda is having a great deal as its daughters make it big on Global Audiences. On an individual level, they give young women an opportunity to enrich not only their own lives, but the lives of others.

Ms Hellen Namutamba, Head of Busoga Tourism and Heritage Ministry says Uganda and Busoga region have had global presence and this has changed many people as regards beauty contests. My role is to encourage our beautiful young ladies to improve on their knowledge so that they compete.

On her trip to United States of America, Ms Hellen Namutamba met
Hilda Nagawa Lule Miss Uganda/Africa America Angel .

Hilda Nagawa Lule Miss Uganda/Africa America Angel is born to a Muganda father, Frank Lule, and Musoga mother, Juliet Ndagire Lule (Kalikwani) in Montgomery County, Maryland, United States of America. She began her pursuits by participating in Gwanga Mujje DC’s Miss Buganda pageant in May 2018.

Although she didn’t place in her first pageant soon after she met Amanda Sibeso Wamunyima, Director of Miss Africa America pageants and talent coach. Through her merit and ambition, she was sponsored and chosen to represent her country over 15 other girls.

We are proud to introduce our Miss Uganda America, Hilda Lule. This past November 2018, Hilda competed against 55+ other African countries and was crowned Ms Africa America Angel, for her inner beauty and humanitarian work.

Immediately after, Miss Uganda America met with the Ugandan Ambassador to the United States of America, H.E Mull S. Katende. Hilda has dedicated her life to uplifting Ugandans because she was gifted such a unique opportunity from her mother.

By being born in the US, Hilda has been able to be exposed to an entirely different world and has a passion to bring all of her knowledge and resources home to Uganda starting by creating change in her mother’s community.

Currently, over 70% of the population in Busoga is living in inadequate grass thatched homes leaving them vulnerable to disease and insecure from outside dangers.

Through Donation of 1,000 manufactured homes to these communities will allow better security, improved living standards and health.

By training and hiring contractors and other professionals to build communities of manufactured homes she works to simultaneously expand the working class in Uganda starting at home in Buwanda, Busoga, while then solving the current housing crisis.

With a burning passion to restore our country to its proper glory, join us in welcoming our future queen! She plans to visit Uganda and work with other queens on future projects.

Ms Hellen Namutamba calls upon Ugandans to support beauty Queens because they promote Uganda and regions where they come from.

“The idea that a Beauty Queen is just for show and only judged by her exterior beauty is certainly not relevant in the search for Miss Busoga or Miss Uganda or International Crowns. They consider the full package which includes among other attributes, inner strength and maturity to take on the role and be able to interact with people on all levels of social standing,”

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