Chinese Lose Shs 3.8 Billions Over Mulago Land

Land fraudsters have stolen a key document from Uganda Land Commission that was against an application for plot 6-10 Kitante Road owned by Mulago National Referral Hospital.

A Chinese National, You Jing Shu wanted to develop a facility to host a first class Pharmacy near Mulago Referral Hospital and was will to pay any money.

A syndicate involving brokers that claim to be well connected in security and statehouse demanded shs 3.8 billions ( 1,000,000 US Dollars). This group used a company called M/s Famico Limited that has accessed government land using well connected individuals.

On 20th July 2018, Ssegawa Ronald Gyagenda on behalf of the Permanent Secretary wrote to the Chairman, Uganda Land Commission saying, ” I refer to your letter Ref. ULC/81/1775 dated 29th June 2018, in which you requested this Ministry for a no objection to M/s Famico Limited’s application”.

This is to inform you that after consultations with the user – Mulago National Referral Hospital , the said land comprised of plot 6-10 Kitante Road , Kampala is NOT available for allocation and therefore , the Ministry would like to seriously and in clear terms , OBJECT to the application by M/s Famico Limited for the allocation of the said Land.

Police has failed to trace this letter from Uganda Land Commission yet it was received by the office of Baguma Isoke, Chairman Uganda Land Commission.

On 3rd August 2018, Baguma Isoke’s office received a letter dated 2nd August 2018, that contradicted the above letter, allowing a no objection and this time signed by Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health.

“I refer to your letter Ref: ULC/81/1775 dated 29th June 2018 in which you requested this ministry for a no bjection to M/s You Jing Shu application. Iam glad to inform you that after consultations with stakeholders of Mulago referal hospital as user department, this ministry has no objection to your application provided you give us an alternative prime land which can accommodate anAmbulance emergency centre in the greater Kampala metro-politan area. This ministry had planned to put up the above facility on this very plot only to realise that the land is quite small for the proposed project”.

Finally i wish to inform you that we shall keep in touch on this important matter for any new developments. Forged letter is below.

After this letter, the Chinese is believed to have paid shs 380 millions out of the shs3.7 billions. With this progress, the Chinese contacted a law firm owned by President of Law Society, M/S Kinobe, Mutyaba Advocates to get clarification from Doctor Diana Atwine , Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health. They wrote on 13th August 2018.

“We represent Mr YOU JING SHU , the intended investor on the above mentioned property. Our Client had applied for the same from Uganda Land Commission but he was informed that the land belonged to Mulago National Referral Hospital as the user department , under the Ministry of Health and that it was only the Ministry of Health that could avail the same for redevelopment”.

Kinobe says we were subsequently presented with a letter ref: ADM 74/198/08 from your office , directed to Uganda Land Commission signifying your NO OBJECTION to our client’s application. We are aware that in case the said land is allocated to our client , he will have to meet premiums and ground rent levied against it by the Chief Government Valuer.

Consequently, our client would not want his ownership of the same to be challenged at any future point in time by the authorities, citing irregular allocation of the same. Any intended project development would be frustrated.

On 15th August 2018, Doctor Diana Atwine , Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health writes to the law firm, M/S Kinobe, Mutyaba Advocates alerting them of the forged letter.

“My Office is in receipt of your letter Ref: KMT/302/18/AJ dated 13th/08/2018 in which you sought clarification on the authenticity of a letter of NO OBJECTION that was supposedly authored by my office in support of the application for the said property to the Uganda Land Commission”.

I categorically clarify that the attached letter Ref: ADM74/198/08 dated 2nd August 2018 is a forgery and the author is impersonating the person of the Permanent Secretary , Ministry of Health.

I request your office and your client to assist the Ministry of health in apprehending these criminals/fraudsters so that they can be prosecuted.

Police swings in action only to meet resistance from senior police officers and some officials from Statehouse.

However, Doctor Diana Atwine is a personal doctor of President Yoweri Museveni, the police must have used this to stand their ground.

Those arrested are NRM’s Boss in Mbale, Abdullah Naleka, Julius Ceasar Tumwesigye and Peter Katongole an Aide to Baguma Isoke, Chairman Uganda Land Commission.

Baguma Isoke a former Minister has failed to appear before police to answer questions related to a missing letter and who receives letters used in the fraud.

Police is ready for him in the new year.

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