Too Late To Help Kampala, Jennifer Musisi Bids Farewell Lukwago

The 1st Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority , Jennifer Musisi has bid farewell to the Lord Mayor, Elias Lukwago whom them they failed to work with.

“My team and I called on the Lord Mayor and his Deputy today”, Jennifer Musisi posted on his social media.
Its too late to save Kampala, imagine if the two had worked together. Billions of shillings were spent in the last 8 years as technocrats enjoyed the fight between Lord Mayor and Executive Director.
Jennifer Musisi out going Executive Director had to wait as she existed Kampala Capital City Authority to be re-conciliatory.
The Meeting between the two acrimonious leaders who are in court against each other , was to late to help Uganda.
Their faces show goose pimples than warmness , its like everyone feared each other.
We hope the new Executive Director whether Jennifer Musisi bounces back or not, will work with political wing to serve people.
When two elephants fight, the grass suffers.

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