Tamale Mirundi Attacks Police Over Stolen Bus

Most Ugandans have laughed off a message announcing the loss of a police bus since last sunday.

Bus Registration number UP 5484 was being driven by Corporal Mwase who cannot be traced.

Mirundi said there are two things, Police men and women in lower ranks what to embarrass their senior leaders or are working like face witch doctors who sell anti-theft medicine but use many padlocks on their shrines.

A Uganda Police bus and its driver went missing from Kampala on Sunday according to the Police director of engineering and logistics, Godfrey Bangirana has said.

According to an internal memo written by Bangirana, the driver of the bus registration number UP 5484, one Corporal Mwase can not be traced.

“Be informed that Police Bus Reg No: UP 5484, Higar make, Police Blue (color) has gone missing. It was last seen on night of Sunday 23/12/2018 at around 0100 hours along the Northern Bypass, Kampala,” the memo said.

Mr Bangirana added that attempts to contact the driver have been futile as his known telephone numbers are switched off.

“If seen, impound the vehicle, arrest occupants and inform police head of operation,” added Bangirana.

People have many questions on the type of police we have.

1) We trust police with our life and property but it’s failing to protect it’s property.
2) Has Afande reported to nearby police station for investigations to start? What’s the case number?
3) They preach neighborhood watch. Should I think officers and neighbours don’t watch over police property?
4) Police always detects crime and act. Why didn’t they detect this?

Friends, if police bus can be stolen as big as it is, what about your small vehicles and property? Don’t over enjoy and forget your security.
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